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Chapter: 1L -

13:1L-1: Short title

13:1L-2: Legislative findings and declarations

13:1L-3: Definitions.

13:1L-4: Powers

13:1L-5: Duties

13:1L-5.1: Duties of commissioner relative to designation of sites.

13:1L-6: Grant of authority to operate facilities for private profit; acquisition of interest in lands

13:1L-7: Powers of department

13:1L-8: Authority to exchange lands

13:1L-9: Closing of park; removal of persons

13:1L-10: Destruction of park property, archaeological findings, sites prohibited.

13:1L-11: Shooting or trapping of birds at High Point Park; preservation of Island Beach Park

13:1L-12: Free admission for elderly, disabled, members of New Jersey National Guard

13:1L-12.1: Free admission for veterans to State parks, forests, certain circumstances; definitions.

13:1L-13: Forest management program

13:1L-14: Tree seeds and seedling trees; procurement, production and distribution

13:1L-14.1: Definitions

13:1L-14.2: Plan for compensatory reforestation

13:1L-14.3: Nonapplicability of act.

13:1L-14.4: Public forum to present plan for deforestation, reforestation by State entities

13:1L-15: Protection of trees and wood from insects and disease

13:1L-16: Fire protection; technical assistance to local government

13:1L-17: State forester

13:1L-17.1: Short title

13:1L-17.2: Findings, declarations relative to shade trees, forests in communities

13:1L-17.3: Definitions relative to community forestry

13:1L-17.4: "New Jersey Shade Tree and Community Forestry Program" established.

13:1L-17.5: Community Forestry Council, establishment, membership, powers

13:1L-17.6: Duties of State Forester

13:1L-17.7: Development, distribution of comprehensive community forestry plan, approval

13:1L-17.8: Annual report on status of New Jersey Shade Tree and Community Forestry Program

13:1L-17.9: Rules, regulations

13:1L-18: Publications

13:1L-19: Fees for services; rules and regulations

13:1L-20: Employees

13:1L-21: Powert to arrest without warrant; authorization to carry firearm; law enforcement training program.

13:1L-22: Oaths; witnesses; subpenas

13:1L-23: Injunctive relief; penalties.

13:1L-24: Programs for providing job opportunities for youth and disadvantaged persons

13:1L-25: Disadvantaged youth; agreements or grants to provide transportation or camping experiences

13:1L-26: Findings, declarations relative to establishment of Forest Health Advisory Council.

13:1L-27: Forest Health Advisory Council; membership.

13:1L-28: Duties of council.

13:1L-29: Findings, declarations relative to forest stewardship.

13:1L-30: Definitions relative to forest stewardship.

13:1L-31: Forest stewardship program, plan.

13:1L-32: Forest certification program.

13:1L-33: "Forest Stewardship Incentive Fund."

13:1L-34: Enactment of conflicting ordinance, rule, regulation prohibited.

13:1L-35: Forest sustainability criteria, indicators.

13:1L-36: Rules, regulations.