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Chapter: 1B - Commissioner of Conservation and Economic Development; appointment; term; salary

13:1B-2: Commissioner of Conservation and Economic Development; appointment; term; salary

13:1B-3: Duties of commissioner

13:1B-4: Delegation of powers by commissioner

13:1B-5: Divisions in department; assistants in administrative division; designation of deputy

13:1B-8: Director of Division of Resource Development

13:1B-10: Tidelands Resource Council.

13:1B-13: Approval of riparian leases, grants.

13:1B-13.1: Definitions

13:1B-13.2: Title studies and surveys; certification of state owned lands

13:1B-13.3: Consideration of mean high water line

13:1B-13.4: Publication of map; filing; distribution

13:1B-13.5: Action by persons aggrieved

13:1B-13.6: Progress reports to governor and legislature

13:1B-13.7: Conveyance or lease of state's interest; application

13:1B-13.8: Recommendations on application

13:1B-13.9: Approval of application; fixing of consideration; conveyance by deed of bargain and sale or quitclaim deed

13:1B-13.10: Investigation of applications for and approval of lease, license or permit; terms and conditions; acquisition of state's interest

13:1B-13.11: Application for or acceptance of lease not deemed recognition of state's claim of paramount title

13:1B-13.12: Termination of lease; vacation of premises; reimbursement for original costs of reclamation and permanent structures

13:1B-13.13: Disposition of net proceeds from sale, lease or transfer of state's interest in meadowlands

13:1B-13.14: Approval of conveyances, leases, permits and licenses; validation of instruments

13:1B-15.1: Bureau of Recreation

13:1B-15.2: Definitions

13:1B-15.3: Appropriations

13:1B-15.4: Definitions

13:1B-15.5: Responsibility of department for acquiring, maintaining and preserving natural areas

13:1B-15.6: Creation of natural areas section in Division of Parks, Forestry and Recreation; administration; powers and duties

13:1B-15.7: Natural areas council; membership; terms; vacancies; reimbursement for expenses; meetings

13:1B-15.8: Duty of council to advise commissioner

13:1B-15.9: Acquisition of lands

13:1B-15.10: Rules and regulations; standards for acquisition, maintenance and operation of lands

13:1B-15.11: Acceptance of grants and gifts by commissioner; expenditure of funds

13:1B-15.12: Use of departmental employees

13:1B-15.12a: Short title

13:1B-15.12a1: Natural areas system; standards for inclusion of area

13:1B-15.12a2: Review and update of planning for natural areas

13:1B-15.12a3: Establishment of system; inclusion of additional areas

13:1B-15.12a4: Inclusion of other additional state lands; study; public hearings; periodic recommendations

13:1B-15.12a5: Study of private lands for inclusion

13:1B-15.12a6: Registry of lands suitable for inclusion

13:1B-15.12a7: Limitations on use of land in system

13:1B-15.12a8: Acquisition of land by purchase, gift or otherwise

13:1B-15.12a9: Designation and regulation of classifications and uses of land within system

13:1B-15.12a10: Permitted activities and obligation of users

13:1B-15.100: Division of Parks and Forestry, director

13:1B-15.101: Powers and duties

13:1B-15.102: Division organization

13:1B-15.105: Administration of historic sites and structures program; functions and duties

13:1B-15.106: Transfer of moneys, employees or property

13:1B-15.107: Repeal

13:1B-15.108: Historic sites council; members; terms; compensation; vacancies; removal

13:1B-15.109: Use of division employees

13:1B-15.110: Powers and duties of council

13:1B-15.111: New Jersey Historic Trust

13:1B-15.112a: Board of trustees

13:1B-15.113: Compensation of trustees

13:1B-15.114: Powers

13:1B-15.115: Additional powers.

13:1B-15.115a: "Historic Preservation Revolving Loan Fund" created

13:1B-15.115b: Appropriation to "Historic Preservation Revolving Loan Fund;" approval, terms

13:1B-15.115c: Criteria for awarding loan

13:1B-15.115d: Rules, regulations for expenditure of funds

13:1B-15.115e: Repayment of loans

13:1B-15.115f: Charge, collection of application fee, appraisal costs

13:1B-15.116: Trust restrictions.

13:1B-15.117: Legal counsel and services

13:1B-15.118: Partial invalidity

13:1B-15.119: Natural Lands Trust

13:1B-15.120: Trustees; terms; appointment; chairman

13:1B-15.121: No compensation; reimbursement

13:1B-15.122: Powers of trust

13:1B-15.123: Particular powers

13:1B-15.124: Annual report; recommendations or requests

13:1B-15.125: Approval mandatory

13:1B-15.126: Legal counsel and services; request

13:1B-15.127: Partial invalidity

13:1B-15.128: New Jersey Register of Historic Places

13:1B-15.129: Approval of sites, structures, etc.; notice to owner

13:1B-15.130: State aid

13:1B-15.131: Encroachment upon or damage to historic place; authorization; public hearing

13:1B-15.131a: Preservation of certain Civil War monuments.

13:1B-15.132: Appropriation

13:1B-15.133: Short title

13:1B-15.134: Definitions

13:1B-15.135: Legislative findings and declarations

13:1B-15.136: Open lands management program; establishment; purpose

13:1B-15.137: Rules and regulations

13:1B-15.138: Public meetings

13:1B-15.139: Projects by private landowners

13:1B-15.140: Eligible projects

13:1B-15.141: Liability of owner, lessee or occupant

13:1B-15.142: Assessment and taxation

13:1B-15.143: Appointment of officers, employees; qualifications.

13:1B-15.144: Report

13:1B-15.145: Application, acceptance and expenditure of funds

13:1B-15.146: Findings, declarations

13:1B-15.147: Natural Heritage Program

13:1B-15.148: Functions

13:1B-15.149: Fees

13:1B-15.150: Administration

13:1B-15.151: Short title

13:1B-15.152: Findings, declarations

13:1B-15.153: Definitions

13:1B-15.154: Endangered plant species list

13:1B-15.155: Research to determine eligibility

13:1B-15.156: Moneys

13:1B-15.157: Educational, informational programs

13:1B-15.158: Rules, regulations

13:1B-15.159: Establishment of natural resources inventory.

13:1B-15.160: Pamphlet of information published

13:1B-15.161: Information on public computer network

13:1B-15.162: Short title.

13:1B-15.163: Findings, declarations relative to monarch butterfly waystations.

13:1B-15.164: Definitions relative to monarch butterfly waystations.

13:1B-15.165: Establishment of "Adopt a Monarch Butterfly Waystation" program.

13:1B-15.166: Responsibilities of department.

13:1B-15.167: Notification of interest.

13:1B-15.168: Immunity from liability.

13:1B-15.169: Donations.

13:1B-15.170: Short title.

13:1B-15.171: Findings, declarations relative to the "Milkweed for Monarchs" program.

13:1B-15.172: Definitions relative to the "Milkweed for Monarchs" program.

13:1B-15.173: Establishment of the "Milkweed for Monarchs" program.

13:1B-15.174: Responsibilities of department.

13:1B-15.175: Notification of intent.

13:1B-15.176: Immunity from liability.

13:1B-15.177: Donations.

13:1B-16: Division of Veterans' Services, powers and duties transferred to

13:1B-17: Veterans loan authority transferred to Department; powers and duties

13:1B-18: Powers and duties of public housing and development authority to be performed through Division of Veterans' Services

13:1B-19: Director of Division of Veterans' Services

13:1B-20: Veterans' Services Council.

13:1B-21: Powers and duties of Veterans' Services Council.

13:1B-22: Powers and duties of Economic Council to be performed by Veterans' Services Council

13:1B-23: Division of Fish and Game, powers and duties transferred to

13:1B-24: Fish and Game Council; members; terms

13:1B-25: Sportsmen's clubs eligible for membership

13:1B-26: Chairman of Fish and Game Council; vacancies; removal; compensation; eligibility

13:1B-27: Director of Division of Fish and Game

13:1B-28: Council to formulate policies; other duties

13:1B-29: Definitions

13:1B-30: State Fish and Game Code

13:1B-31: Regulations and amendments thereof relating to fish

13:1B-32: Regulations and amendments thereof relating to game

13:1B-33: Public hearing on regulations; notice

13:1B-34: Adoption of regulations, amendments or repealers; publication; evidence; emergencies

13:1B-35: Review of regulations, amendments or repealers

13:1B-36: Violation of Fish and Game Code provisions

13:1B-37: Cost of licenses, permits or fees not affected

13:1B-38: Wardens and deputies; powers and duties

13:1B-39: Pending prosecutions; violation of laws rendered inoperative

13:1B-40: Partial invalidity of article

13:1B-41: Effective date of article

13:1B-48: Director of Division of Water Policy and Supply

13:1B-49.1: Water policy and supply council; transfer of powers, duties and functions to department of environmental protection

13:1B-49.2: Water supply advisory council.

13:1B-49.3: Duties of water supply advisory council

13:1B-49.4: Powers of water supply advisory council

13:1B-63: Grants, conveyances, devises, bequests and donations; acceptance for state

13:1B-65: Federal grants

13:1B-68: Terms of directors of Morris Canal and Banking Company to expire; persons to constitute board until successors qualify

13:1B-69: Terms, as used in laws, contracts or documents, defined

13:1B-70: Repeal

13:1B-71: Short title