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Chapter: 18A -

13:18A-1: Short title

13:18A-2: Legislative findings and declarations

13:18A-3: Definitions.

13:18A-4: Pinelands commission; establishment; allocation within department of environmental protection

13:18A-5: Members; appointment; qualifications; terms of office; vacancies; removal; oath; reimbursement of expenses; vote necessary; chairman; executive direct

13:18A-5.1: Pinelands Commission, approval for certain reconstruction of single family dwellings, exempt.

13:18A-5.2: Solar panels not included in certain calculations relative to development in the pinelands.

13:18A-6: Powers.

13:18A-7: Pinelands Municipal Council established

13:18A-7.1: Election of officers by council

13:18A-8: Comprehensive management plan; preparation and adoption; contents

13:18A-8.1: Certain field sports conducted in pinelands area deemed low intensity recreational use.

13:18A-9: Goals of comprehensive management plan

13:18A-10: Consultations; adoption; submission of plan; development, construction or disturbance of land; conformance to plan; waiver; rules and regulations

13:18A-11: Boundaries of pinelands and preservation areas; official state planning maps of Pinelands National Reserve, and pinelands, protection and preservation

13:18A-12: Master plan revisions

13:18A-13: Guidelines for location and construction; periodic revision and transmittal to state, county and municipal agencies

13:18A-14: Approvals, certificates, licenses, consents, permits or financial assistance for construction of structure or disturbance of land; prohibition prior t

13:18A-15: Pinelands development applications

13:18A-15.1: Rules, regulations providing for approval of development of solar, photovoltaic energy facility, structure on certain sites in the pinelands.

13:18A-16: Grants to municipalities and counties for revisions

13:18A-17: Conflict of interest of member, officer, employee or agent of commission; violations; action voidable; penalties

13:18A-18: Annual audit

13:18A-19: Annual report

13:18A-20: Judicial review

13:18A-21: Report on state payments in lieu of taxes to municipalities

13:18A-22: Sale of land within preservation area; written notice of intention; exceptions; transmittal and publication of provisions of section; violations; void

13:18A-23: Coastal area; revision of environmental design

13:18A-24: Operation of power vessels or motor vehicles within pinelands; littering; violations; penalty

13:18A-25: Inapplicability of act to exportation of waters or to regulation of fish and game activities or other recreational activities in pinelands area

13:18A-26: Surcharge on fees; pinelands fund; disposition

13:18A-27: Enforcement of provisions of this act over inconsistent or conflicting acts

13:18A-28: Severability

13:18A-29: Liberal construction

13:18A-30: Short title

13:18A-31: Findings, declarations

13:18A-32: Definitions

13:18A-33: Pinelands Development Credit Bank

13:18A-34: Powers of board

13:18A-35: Development credit certification

13:18A-36: Registry of development credits

13:18A-37: Application for guarantee

13:18A-38: Approval by board

13:18A-39: $10,000 guarantee minimum

13:18A-40: Default

13:18A-41: Payment of guaranteed amount

13:18A-42: Sales by board of credits

13:18A-43: County banks

13:18A-44: Delegation of authority to county

13:18A-45: Matching grants

13:18A-46: Exercise of authority

13:18A-47: Funding of the bank; proceeds from the sale of credits.

13:18A-48: Extension of pinelands development credit guarantee, purchases

13:18A-49: County authority unimpaired

13:18A-50: Funds for land acquisition; "limited practical use" defined

13:18A-51: Sale of land

13:18A-52: Use of monetary proceeds

13:18A-53: Actions, conformity with law

13:18A-54: Rules, regulations

13:18A-55: "Pinelands Preservation Fund"

13:18A-56: Findings, declarations relative to economic development in the Pinelands.

13:18A-57: Pilot program developed by Pinelands Commission.

13:18A-58: Report by Pinelands Commission to Governor, Legislature.