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Chapter: 8 - Adjunct state forest reserves; agreements with owners of lakes or ponds for use by public; tax exemption

13:8-23: Adjunct state forest reserves; agreements with owners of lakes or ponds for use by public; tax exemption

13:8-24: Contents of agreement; certification of tax exemption

13:8-25: Rules and regulations; powers of board

13:8-26: Lakes or ponds used for water power excepted

13:8-29: Easements; acquisition

13:8-30: Short title

13:8-31: Legislative findings and declaration

13:8-32: Definitions

13:8-33: Classes of trails

13:8-34: Establishment of system; uniform markers; coordination with national trails system

13:8-35: Establishment and designation; recreation and scenic trails; Appalachian trail; connecting or side trails

13:8-36: Selection of routes and rights-of-way; criteria

13:8-37: Use of state lands; acquisition of lands or interests in land

13:8-38: Noninterference with nature and purposes by use of trail; maintenance of natural and scenic qualities

13:8-39: Development and maintenance of trails; written cooperative agreements

13:8-40: Studies for designation of additional trails

13:8-41: Review of formal declarations of railroad right-of-way abandonments for inclusion in system

13:8-42: Rules and regulations

13:8-43: Violations; penalties

13:8-44: Funds available for acquisition of lands or interests therein

13:8-44.1: "Chingwe Brook" in Wildcat Rock Shelter designated.

13:8-44.2: Notification of name of brook.

13:8-45: Short title

13:8-46: Legislative findings and declarations

13:8-47: Definitions

13:8-48: Establishment; components; administration; classification of river areas

13:8-49: Inclusion of river in system; determination of suitability; hearings; designation; notice

13:8-50: State lands; use for system; scenic easements; acquisition or agreements

13:8-51: Funds; authorization to apply for, accept and expend

13:8-52: Rules and regulations; use by commissions created by municipalities; transmittal; veto by legislature

13:8-53: Municipal wild and scenic river commissions; authority; members; failure to adopt and enforce rules and regulations; enforcement by department

13:8-54: Development of facilities for public welfare on state-owned land

13:8-55: Guidelines for preparation of reports

13:8-56: Easements and rights-of-way on state-owned land; grants; reclassification of designation of component river area

13:8-57: Violations; penalty; injunction

13:8-58: Funds expendable for acquisition of lands or scenic easements

13:8-59: Component river area within flood hazard area or part of state park, wildlife refuge or similar area; acts governing

13:8-60: Inclusion of component river areas in national wild and scenic rivers system

13:8-61: Severability

13:8-62: Liberal construction of act

13:8-63: Designation of initial components of system

13:8-64: Wildlife sanctuary defined

13:8-65: Ferber plot; designation as sanctuary

13:8-66: Penalties; enforcement

13:8-67: Release of animals into sanctuary

13:8-68: Rules and regulations