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Chapter: 19 -

13:19-1: Short title

13:19-2: Findings, declarations

13:19-3: Definitions.

13:19-4: "Coastal area" defined

13:19-5: Development permits required

13:19-5.1: Issuance of general permit

13:19-5.2: Permits not required, conditions.

13:19-5.3: Waiving of permit requirement

13:19-5.4: Solar panels not included in certain calculations relative to coastal development.

13:19-6: Application for permit

13:19-8: Declaration of completeness of application

13:19-9: Hearing, comment period

13:19-10: Review of applications; required findings

13:19-10.1: Wind dependent energy facilities, construction on piers, certain circumstances; permitted.

13:19-11: Grounds for denial of permit application; conditional permit; approval of nuclear electricity generating facility

13:19-11.1: Low, moderate income housing, no conditions for

13:19-13.1: Coastal Area Review Board abolished upon completion date of duties

13:19-14: Continuance in force of issued permit

13:19-15: Effect of denial on future submittal of new application

13:19-16.1: "Shore Protection Fund" created.

13:19-16.2: Priority system for ranking shore protection projects.

13:19-16.3: Public hearings for shore protection projects, certain.

13:19-17: Rules, regulations

13:19-18: Violations, remedies, penalties; "Cooperative Coastal Monitoring, Restoration and Enforcement Fund."

13:19-19: Applicability of act

13:19-20: Construction of act

13:19-21: Severability

13:19-22: Short title

13:19-23: Findings, determinations

13:19-24: Definitions

13:19-25: Establishment of "Adopt a Beach" program

13:19-26: Duties of department

13:19-27: Notification to department; assignment of section of beach, shore

13:19-28: Other cleanup activities permitted

13:19-29: Immunity; waiver; volunteers not considered public employees

13:19-30: Donations

13:19-31: Findings, declarations, determinations

13:19-32: DEP guidance document on federal aid, availability; "coastal municipality" defined

13:19-33: Transport, dumping of certain dredged materials in certain ocean sites prohibited.

13:19-34: Findings, declarations relative to coastal, ocean resources.

13:19-35: "Ecosystem-based management" defined.

13:19-36: New Jersey Coastal and Ocean Protection Council established.

13:19-37: Powers, duties, responsibilities of council.

13:19-38: Short title.

13:19-39: Findings, declarations relative to public access requirements for marinas.

13:19-40: Moratorium on implementation of certain rules, regulations.

13:19-41: Public Access and Marina Safety Task Force.

13:19-42: Duties of Public Access and Marina Safety Task Force.

13:19-43: Report to Governor, Legislature.

13:19-44: Departmental powers affected during duration of moratorium.

13:19-45: Notification by DEP to coastal municipalities relative to certain settlement discussions.

13:19-46: State Oceanographer.

13:19-47: Short title.

13:19-48: Findings, declarations relative to offshore oil and natural gas exploration, development, and production.

13:19-49: Certain offshore development, production prohibited.

13:19-50: Implementation of policies.

13:19-51: Review of proposed activity.