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Chapter: 9B -

13:9B-1: Short title

13:9B-2: Findings, declarations

13:9B-3: Definitions

13:9B-4: Exemptions from permit, transition area requirements

13:9B-5: Permit process

13:9B-5.1: Regulation of freshwater wetlands area.

13:9B-6: Meadowlands, Pinelands exemptions

13:9B-7: Classification system

13:9B-8: Letter of interpretation

13:9B-9: Permit application; conditions for issuance

13:9B-10: Rebuttable presumption

13:9B-11: Determination of public interest

13:9B-12: Accessibility to approved site

13:9B-13: Mitigation of adverse environmental impacts

13:9B-13.1: Permit not required for certain restoration work on manmade drainage ditch.

13:9B-14: Wetlands Mitigation Bank; council membership

13:9B-15: Powers of Wetlands Mitigation Council

13:9B-16: Transition areas

13:9B-17: Prohibited activities

13:9B-18: Transition area waivers

13:9B-19: Consideration for tax purposes

13:9B-20: Administrative hearing

13:9B-21: Remedies for violations.

13:9B-22: Taking without just compensation

13:9B-23: General permits

13:9B-24: Temporary emergency permit

13:9B-25: Rules, regulations

13:9B-26: Distribution of National Wetlands Inventory maps

13:9B-27: Assumption of permit jurisdiction

13:9B-28: Public education program

13:9B-29: Report

13:9B-30: Local regulation preempted