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Chapter: 17 - Declaration of purpose

13:17-1: Declaration of purpose

13:17-2: Short title

13:17-3: Definitions

13:17-3.1: References to HMDC deemed to be New Jersey Meadowlands Commission

13:17-4: Boundaries

13:17-5: Establishment and organization

13:17-6: Powers

13:17-6.1: Purchases, contracts, or agreements over threshold amount; public bids.

13:17-6.2: Consultation with governing body

13:17-7: Establishment and organization

13:17-8: Powers

13:17-9: Master plan; preparation and adoption; contents; amendments; considerations; consultations with state and federal agencies

13:17-10: Survey of district; provision of solid waste disposal facilities

13:17-10.1: Surplus moneys from operation of solid waste disposal facilities; disposition

13:17-11: Provisions of master plan for location and use of buildings, structures and facilities; land use; codes and standards

13:17-12: Construction and alteration of buildings or structures; necessity of permit; referral of action involving specific projects to commission

13:17-13: Subdivisions and land development; review and regulation by commission; standards

13:17-14: Application for subdivision, site plan or building permit; review and approval

13:17-14.1: Development application

13:17-15: Filing of subdivision plats; necessity of certification by commission

13:17-16: Notice of hearing by constituent municipality or affected county; contents; commission as party in interest

13:17-17: Project sites; suitability of locations and sizes; reservation; grant of building permits

13:17-18: Waiver of strict compliance with standards; exemption of certain subdivisions from regulations

13:17-19: Penalties for failure to obtain approval

13:17-20: Declaration of district as renewal area; necessary findings; investigation; notice and hearing; review by court; acquisition of land; development

13:17-21: Redevelopment plans for renewal areas; authority of commission in undertaking projects

13:17-22: Required provisions in agreements, leases, deeds or other instruments from or between commission and to or with a redeveloper

13:17-23: Issuance and renewal of negotiable bonds and notes; contents of bond resolution; payment

13:17-24: Issuance and renewal of negotiable bond anticipation notes; payment; provisions, conditions and limitations

13:17-25: Trust agreement to secure bonds; pledge or assignment of revenues; provisions; lien of pledge

13:17-26: Bonds and notes not deemed debt or liability of state or political subdivision

13:17-27: Agreement by state with holders of bonds or notes

13:17-28: Exemption of bonds and notes from taxation

13:17-29: Moneys received pursuant to act as trust funds

13:17-30: Proceedings by bondholders and trustees to protect and enforce rights

13:17-31: Refunding bonds; use of proceeds

13:17-32: Bonds and notes as legal investments

13:17-33: Issuance of bonds without consent or other proceedings

13:17-34: Acquisition; eminent domain

13:17-35: Regulations for installation, construction, maintenance, etc., of public utility equipment and appliances

13:17-36: Tax exemption

13:17-37: Exemption from levy and sale on execution

13:17-38: Agreements for payments in lieu of taxes

13:17-39: Formation of improvement districts; levy of special assessments

13:17-40: Division of land into classes

13:17-41: Certification whether public land in class 1 or 2 and nature of present or ultimate use; approval; request for reclassification

13:17-42: Change in classification of class 3 land passing to state

13:17-43: Improvements; resolution of intention; notice and hearing; resolution of determination

13:17-44: Statement of cost of improvement; maximum amount of levy

13:17-45: Hearing on assessment; notice; making of assessment

13:17-46: Assessments to be proportionate to increase in benefit or value

13:17-47: Assessment of damages incurred by improvement; payments to owner; appeal

13:17-48: Payment of funds into court in event of uncertainty or dispute

13:17-49: Report certifying assessments and awards of damages; map

13:17-50: Consideration of report; notice; adoption and confirmation; appeal

13:17-51: Bills for assessment; record and books of assessments

13:17-52: Levy and payment of special assessments; establishment and administration of revolving fund

13:17-53: Lien of assessment; confirmation of amount.

13:17-54: New assessments; lien

13:17-55: Refund of amount of illegal assessments

13:17-56: Installment payments

13:17-57: Enforcement of lien

13:17-58: Deposit of funds in improvement assessment account

13:17-59: Appeal from assessment or award; enforcement of order or judgment

13:17-60: Purpose; report to legislature

13:17-61: Definitions

13:17-62: Applicability of laws relating to assessment and taxation of real and personal property

13:17-63: Assessor's list

13:17-65: Resident enrollment certification

13:17-66: Establishment of intermunicipal account; computation of amount payable by or due to each constituent municipality

13:17-67: Aggregate true value

13:17-67.1: Adjustment payment exclusion

13:17-68: Computation of guarantee payment payable by intermunicipal account to each constituent municipality

13:17-70: School district services; determination of service payment

13:17-72: Apportionment of balance among constituent municipalities; prohibition of payments to commission

13:17-73: Payment of excessive funds to constituent municipalities; reduction of service payments

13:17-74: Meadowlands adjustment payment; determination and payment.

13:17-74.1: Hackensack Meadowlands Tax Sharing Stabilization Fund established

13:17-75: Comparable services; withholding of payments to noncomplying municipalities

13:17-76: Appeal or review by constituent municipalities

13:17-77: Annual budget; items of expenditure

13:17-78: Annual audit of commission accounts

13:17-79: Aid and cooperation by public bodies

13:17-80: Contracts with municipalities or public agencies for operation of public works, improvements, facilities, etc.

13:17-81: Examination of accounts and books of commission by state auditor

13:17-82: Assistance to commission by employees of state departments and agencies

13:17-83: Supplemental and additional provisions

13:17-84: Liberal construction

13:17-85: Severability

13:17-86: Payment of expenses

13:17-87: Short title.

13:17-88: Definitions relative to Meadowlands Conservation Trust.

13:17-89: Meadowlands Conservation Trust.

13:17-90: Powers, duties of trust; board of trustees.

13:17-91: Powers of trust.

13:17-92: "Meadowlands Conservation Trust Fund."

13:17-93: Attorney General to provide legal services.

13:17-94: Annual report.

13:17-95: Short title.

13:17-96: Findings, declarations relative to Hackensack Meadowlands Transportation Planning District.

13:17-97: Definitions relative to Hackensack Meadowlands Transportation Planning District.

13:17-98: Meadowlands transportation planning district, Meadowlands Transportation Planning Board, established.

13:17-99: Goals, policies, needs, improvement priorities established by district transportation plan.

13:17-100: Assessment, collection of development fees.

13:17-101: Fee assessed at time of issuance of zoning certificate.

13:17-102: Payments due enforceable as lien.

13:17-103: Establishment of transportation planning district fund.

13:17-104: Refunding of uncommitted fees.

13:17-105: Appeal to commission for reconsideration of assessment.

13:17-106: Transportation planning district may accept loans.