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Chapter: 13 - Title to canal vested in state

13:13-1: Title to canal vested in state

13:13-2: Custody of canal and feeder vested in department of conservation and development

13:13-3: Repair and preservation of canal and feeder and banks thereof

13:13-3.1: Department of Transportation, control and responsibility for bridge maintenance; commissioner may close public access

13:13-3.2: Department of Transportation, consult prior to bridge repair; responsibility for bridge design

13:13-3.3: Right-of-way permission provided

13:13-3.4: Rules, regulations

13:13-4: Sale of water; rental or use of property

13:13-5: Maintenance deficit

13:13-6: Operation of canal; charges for use

13:13-7: Quitclaim deeds to canal and feeder

13:13-8: Lease of buildings

13:13-9: Fixing boundaries of canal

13:13-10: Grants of easements along or across canal; sale of canal lands not needed

13:13-11: Transfer of portion of canal property to city of Trenton for highway purposes

13:13-12: Filling in of canal

13:13-12.1: Canal to be used for industrial water supply and for recreational purposes

13:13-12.2: Department to retain possession of canal

13:13-12.3: Department to maintain canal and flow

13:13-12.4: Department may sell water; long term contracts

13:13-12.5: Contracts for sale of water; duration; repair and reconstruction

13:13-12.6: Lease of canal lands

13:13-12.7: Park and recreational uses

13:13-12.8: Bridges; possession by Department of Transportation

13:13-12.9: Sale of water at wholesale

13:13-12.9a: Notice of hearing

13:13-12.10: Long term contracts

13:13-12.11: Expense of hearing

13:13-12.12: Repeal of inconsistent acts