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Chapter: 1K - Conveyances used in willful discharge; forfeiture; exceptions

13:1K-1: Conveyances used in willful discharge; forfeiture; exceptions

13:1K-2: Seizure of conveyance

13:1K-3: Status and disposition of confiscated or detained property

13:1K-4: Disposition after forfeiture

13:1K-5: Burden of proof

13:1K-6: Short title.

13:1K-7: Findings, declarations

13:1K-8: Definitions.

13:1K-9: Closing, transfer procedures.

13:1K-9.1: Tax sale, foreclosure as decision to close operations

13:1K-9.2: Owner, operator required to remediate industrial establishment

13:1K-9.3: Remediation of industrial establishment by municipality, debt of immediate past owner or operator

13:1K-9.4: Certain provisions not applicable to governmental unit, agent

13:1K-9.5: Remediation by municipality, approval

13:1K-9.6: Review, approval of remediation

13:1K-9.7: Transfer, close of operations without compliance; conditions

13:1K-10: Rules, regulations; department access

13:1K-11: Transfer of industrial establishment; deferral of remedial action workplan

13:1K-11.1: Obligations of trust, estate to remove discharge

13:1K-11.2: Application for expedited review.

13:1K-11.3: Application for limited site review

13:1K-11.4: Application for area of concern waiver

13:1K-11.5: Application for closing, transfer when remediation is already in progress

13:1K-11.6: Application for closing, transfer when discharges are from regulated underground storage tank

13:1K-11.7: Application for closing, transfer when discharges are of minimal environmental concern.

13:1K-11.8: Application for certificate of limited conveyance

13:1K-11.9: Responsibilities of owner as landlord, operator as tenant

13:1K-11.10: Notification of transfer, avoidance of penalty.

13:1K-11.11: Audit of negative declarations and remedial action workplans

13:1K-12: Obligations imposed by act not affected by bankruptcy proceedings and constitute continuing regulatory obligations imposed by state

13:1K-13: Grounds for voiding sale.

13:1K-13.1: Violations; actions, penalties.

13:1K-14: Residential property contaminated with radon gas or radon progeny; inspection and testing; removal; certification; costs

13:1K-15: Definitions

13:1K-16: Industrial establishment; owners' or operators' inspection and reporting requirement; violations; penalty; injunctions; liability of reporter

13:1K-17: Notice to local bodies and verification of hazardous discharge; list of reported discharges; notification of department by local bodies

13:1K-18: Rules and regulations

13:1K-19: Short title

13:1K-20: Findings, declarations

13:1K-21: Definitions

13:1K-22: Extraordinarily hazardous substance list

13:1K-23: Risk management program

13:1K-24: Risk reduction work plan

13:1K-25: Accident risk assessment

13:1K-26: Risk reduction plan; review, hearing

13:1K-27: Right-of-entry; recordkeeping

13:1K-28: Insurance information release

13:1K-29: Internal management of confidential information

13:1K-30: Violations; penalties

13:1K-31: Fee schedule

13:1K-32: Involvement of other entities

13:1K-33: Hazardous material discharge initial emergency response training program

13:1K-34: Purpose of program

13:1K-35: Annual appropriation for continued implementation of program

13:1K-36: Findings, declarations, determinations relative to sale, use, burning of creosote.

13:1K-37: "Creosote," "utility company" defined.

13:1K-38: Sale, use of certain creosote products prohibited.

13:1K-39: Burning, disposal of certain creosote products prohibited.

13:1K-40: Inapplicability of act.

13:1K-41: Violations, penalties, civil actions.

13:1K-42: Rules, regulations; temporary waivers.