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Chapter: 8C -

13:8C-1: Short title

13:8C-2: Findings, declarations relative to open space, farmland, and historic preservation.

13:8C-3: Definitions relative to open space, farmland, and historic preservation.

13:8C-4: "Garden State Preservation Trust"

13:8C-5: Purpose of trust

13:8C-6: Powers of trust

13:8C-7: Powers of trust to issue bonds, notes, other obligations.

13:8C-8: Powers of trust to secure payment of bonds, notes, other obligations

13:8C-9: Pledges made by the trust

13:8C-10: Immunity from personal liability

13:8C-11: Establishment of reserves, funds, accounts

13:8C-12: Pledge, covenant of State

13:8C-13: Investment of moneys, funds in the trust

13:8C-14: Property of trust declared public

13:8C-15: Annual fiscal report to Governor, Legislature; audits

13:8C-16: Services rendered to trust

13:8C-17: "Garden State Preservation Trust Fund Account"

13:8C-18: Transfers for deposit to preservation trust funds

13:8C-18.1: Allocation of amount exceeding $1,000,000,000.

13:8C-19: "Garden State Green Acres Preservation Trust Fund."

13:8C-20: "Garden State Farmland Preservation Trust Fund."

13:8C-21: "Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund."

13:8C-22: Audits by State Auditor

13:8C-23: Submission of recommendations, requests for funding.

13:8C-24: Office of Green Acres established.

13:8C-25: Biennial progress report to Governor, Legislature by the trust.

13:8C-25.1: Submission of Open Space Master Plan.

13:8C-26: Allocation of funds appropriated; conditions.

13:8C-27: Grants, loans to local government unit; conditions

13:8C-27.1: Definitions relative to completely inclusive playgrounds.

13:8C-28: Use of power of eminent domain

13:8C-29: Payments to municipalities in lieu of taxes for lands acquired using dedicated money

13:8C-30: Payments to municipalities in lieu of taxes for lands acquired using other than dedicated money

13:8C-31: Use of lands acquired, developed by State using dedicated money

13:8C-32: Use of lands acquired, developed by local government unit, tax exempt nonprofit organization using dedicated money; exceptions

13:8C-33: Permissible actions by local government unit for other lands

13:8C-34: Conveyance of land by local government unit, conditions

13:8C-35: Conveyance of land acquired using dedicated money by State, county, local government unit, restrictions

13:8C-36: Operation, maintenance of lands

13:8C-37: Use of funds appropriated for farmland preservation

13:8C-38: Acquisitions, grants with respect to farmland preservation.

13:8C-38.1: Solicitation of development easements, fee simple interests in farmland.

13:8C-38.2: Report of farms preserved through receipt of grants.

13:8C-39: Grant to qualifying tax exempt nonprofit organization for farmland.

13:8C-40: Acquisition, permanent retirement of development easements on farmland.

13:8C-40.1: Property acquired for farmland preservation of historic buildings, structures; terms defined.

13:8C-40.2: Demolishing of historic building, structure prohibited, terms defined.

13:8C-41: Use of moneys appropriated to New Jersey Historic Trust

13:8C-42: Rules, regulations; contracts; study of utility easements

13:8C-43: Short title.

13:8C-44: Findings, declarations relative to the "Preserve New Jersey Act."

13:8C-45: Definitions relative to the "Preserve New Jersey Act."

13:8C-46: "Preserve New Jersey Fund Account."

13:8C-47: Deposit of amount credited.

13:8C-48: "Preserve New Jersey Green Acres Fund."

13:8C-49: "Preserve New Jersey Blue Acres Fund."

13:8C-50: "Preserve New Jersey Farmland Preservation Fund."

13:8C-51: "Preserve New Jersey Historic Preservation Fund."

13:8C-52: Use of grant by qualifying entity.

13:8C-53: Required usage of land acquired.

13:8C-54: Operation, maintenance of land acquired, developed.

13:8C-55: Submission of list of projects recommended to receive funding.

13:8C-56: Report to Governor, Legislature.

13:8C-57: Rules, regulations.