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Chapter: 1D - Reorganization of department of conservation and economic development

13:1D-1: Reorganization of department of conservation and economic development

13:1D-2: Continuation of functions

13:1D-3: Division of marine services; natural resource council

13:1D-4: Division of fish, game and shell fisheries; fish and game council; shell fisheries council

13:1D-5: Division of environmental quality

13:1D-6: Director of division of environmental quality

13:1D-7: Department of health, transfer of certain functions; clean air council; clean water council; commission on radiation protection

13:1D-8: Department of agriculture; transfer of certain functions

13:1D-9: Powers of department.

13:1D-9.1: Definitions

13:1D-9.2: Report on department fees, requirements

13:1D-9.3: Environmental Program Fee Fund

13:1D-10: Division of economic development; economic development council; New Jersey Area Redevelopment Authority; department of institutions and agencies; vete

13:1D-11: Transfer of appropriations, grants and other moneys

13:1D-12: Transfer of employees

13:1D-13: Employee's tenure rights

13:1D-13.1: Unclassified titles

13:1D-13.3: Classified and senior executive service

13:1D-13.2: Reinstatement to classified service

13:1D-14: Transfer of records and equipment

13:1D-15: Orders, rules, regulations

13:1D-16: Actions and proceedings

13:1D-17: Reports and certifications

13:1D-18: References in laws, regulations, contracts, etc.; to other agencies

13:1D-18.1: Use of terms

13:1D-18.2: References deemed to refer to Tidelands Resource Council

13:1D-18.3: Office of Recycling

13:1D-19: Repealer

13:1D-29: Definitions

13:1D-30: Application for construction permits; review; request for additional information

13:1D-31: Application for construction permit; approval conditioning or disapproval; time period

13:1D-32: Failure to take action within time period; application deemed approved

13:1D-33: Rules, regulations; "Environmental Services Fund;" fees

13:1D-34: Monthly bulletin

13:1D-35: Short title

13:1D-36: Findings, declarations

13:1D-37: Definitions.

13:1D-38: Office of Pollution Prevention established; programs; reports

13:1D-40: Rules, regulations

13:1D-41: Information required in pollution prevention plan

13:1D-42: Preparation of pollution prevention plan, submission of summary; progress reports

13:1D-43: Department authorized to require submission of pollution prevention plan, summary, progress report

13:1D-44: Department may direct owner of non-priority industrial facility to submit pollution prevention plan, summary, progress report

13:1D-45: Department research on pollution prevention trends

13:1D-46: Department may enter industrial facility to obtain information about pollution prevention practices

13:1D-47: Omission of trade secrets from pollution plan, summary

13:1D-48: Designation of priority industrial facilities to receive permit

13:1D-49: Violations, penalties

13:1D-50: "Pollution Prevention Fund" established

13:1D-51: Definitions

13:1D-52: Conditions for conveyance of lands; fees

13:1D-53: Notice of public hearing

13:1D-54: Information included in notices

13:1D-55: Submission of summary, transcripts of public hearing

13:1D-56: Valuation of lands; terms as covenants running with the land

13:1D-57: Disposition of proceeds; management of lands

13:1D-58: Nonapplicability of C.13:1D-51 et seq.; hearing, determination.

13:1D-64: "Antifreeze" defined.

13:1D-65: Addition of bittering agent required.

13:1D-66: Immunity from liability.

13:1D-67: Inapplicability.

13:1D-68: Violations, penalties relative to violations of C.13:1D-65.

13:1D-69: Construction of act relative to C.13:1D-65.

13:1D-101: Checklist of requirements; permit defined

13:1D-102: Reliance on checklists; applications deemed complete; construction of section

13:1D-103: Applicants advised and informed by department

13:1D-104: Guidance provided, pre-application conference

13:1D-105: Classification system for permits

13:1D-106: Review schedules for classes of permits

13:1D-107: Level of review, identification

13:1D-108: Publication of information on classes and review

13:1D-108.1: Biotechnology Permit Acceleration Task Force

13:1D-109: Reports on application dispositions

13:1D-110: Evaluation of applications, notice of deficiencies; definitions

13:1D-111: Technical manual for each class of permit, requirements

13:1D-112: Effect of technical manual on filed applications; revisions

13:1D-113: Availability of copies; fees

13:1D-114: Information on permit applications

13:1D-114.1: Use of permit fee revenues to fund permit management staff

13:1D-115: Semi-annual informational reports

13:1D-115.1: Annual report to Legislature

13:1D-116: Continuing education seminars; fees; definitions

13:1D-117: Record of attendees; conduct by qualified entity

13:1D-118: Cooperation of professional licensing boards

13:1D-119: Reports on backlogs of review of permit applications

13:1D-120: Findings, declarations

13:1D-121: Definitions

13:1D-122: Schedule for payment of fees

13:1D-123: Inapplicability of act

13:1D-124: Rules, regulations

13:1D-125: Findings, declarations relative to enforcement of environmental laws

13:1D-126: Definitions

13:1D-127: Minor violations

13:1D-128: Failure to correct violation

13:1D-129: Rules, regulations; violation designation

13:1D-130: Voluntary disclosure; nonimposition of penalty

13:1D-131: Violation procedures prior to adopted rules, regulations

13:1D-132: Report, contents; recommendations

13:1D-133: Rules, regulations; submission to Legislature

13:1D-134: Findings, declarations relative to development, promotion of energy, environmental technology.

13:1D-135: Definitions relative to development, promotion of energy, environmental technology.

13:1D-136: Performance partnership agreement.

13:1D-137: Reciprocal environmental technology agreements.

13:1D-138: Rules, regulations adopted by DEP

13:1D-139: Regulated universe of business entities

13:1D-140: Regulation prior to operative date

13:1D-141: Temporary regulations

13:1D-144: Definitions relative to smart growth in DEP and expedited permits.

13:1D-145: Division of Smart Growth established in DEP.

13:1D-146: Additional provisions concerning expedited permit mechanisms.

13:1D-147: Construction of act relative to preservation area of Highlands Region.

13:1D-148: "Environmental Stewardship Program."

13:1D-149: Study of availability and efficiency of blue and green roofs as stormwater management tools.