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Chapter: 1G -

13:1G-1: Short title

13:1G-2: Legislative findings

13:1G-3: Definitions

13:1G-4: Codes, rules and regulations; contents; promulgation; enforcement

13:1G-4.1: Curfew hour alarms

13:1G-4.2: Use of sirens near schools restricted; exceptions

13:1G-4.3: Exceptions to the "Noise Control Act of 1971."

13:1G-5: Powers of department

13:1G-6: Motor vehicles; control of noise; codes, rules and regulations

13:1G-7: Application of code, rule or regulation to motor vehicles

13:1G-8: Motor vehicles; inspections; compliance with standards of noise control

13:1G-9: Motor vehicles; operation in violation of noise standards; penalty

13:1G-10: Obstruction or interference with performance of duties by department personnel

13:1G-11: Violations; investigation; order to cease; enforcement; corrections by violator; hearings

13:1G-12: Hearings; testimony; copies of transcript or record

13:1G-13: Hearings; hearing officer; powers

13:1G-14: Injunctive relief; penalties

13:1G-15: Judicial review

13:1G-16: Cooperation and agreements with other governmental agencies

13:1G-17: Noise control council

13:1G-18: Powers and duties of council

13:1G-19: Consultation by commissioner with council on proposed code, rule or regulation

13:1G-20: Inapplicability of act to limit powers, duties and functions vested under other laws related to community noise control

13:1G-21: Validity of existing civil or criminal remedies; validity of ordinances or resolutions stricter than this act

13:1G-21.1: Definitions

13:1G-21.2: Immunity from liability

13:1G-21.3: Applicability

13:1G-22: Construction of act

13:1G-23: Severability