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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 13 - Direct petition and primary election

19:13-1: Direct petition and primary election

19:13-2: State convention; presidential and vice presidential electors

19:13-3: To whom petition addressed

19:13-4: Contents of petition

19:13-5: Signatures to petition; number.

19:13-6: Signing of petition; addresses

19:13-7: Certification of petition.

19:13-8: Candidate nominated by petition, conditions for acceptance of nomination.

19:13-8.1: Petitions filed after deadline; ineligible candidates.

19:13-9: Filing of petitions, time.

19:13-10: Objection to petition

19:13-11: Determination of validity of objections.

19:13-12: Judicial hearing.

19:13-13: Amendment of petitions; time.

19:13-14: Procedure; highest aggregate of votes to determine party candidates

19:13-14.1: Primary candidate for municipal office may not serve as other political party candidate in general election.

19:13-15: Presidential and vice presidential electors; certificate of nomination, acceptance.

19:13-16: Declined nomination

19:13-17: Notice of declination to signers of petition or committees to fill vacancies

19:13-18: In general

19:13-19: Nomination of successor.

19:13-20: Vacancy procedure.

19:13-20.1: Candidate vacancy not filled

19:13-21: Candidate for Presidential elector.

19:13-22: Secretary of State; statement to county clerks of nominations, vacancies.

19:13-23: Secretary of state to county clerks of vacancy nominations; contents