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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS


Chapter: Effective date
Chapter: 1 As used in this title.
Chapter: 2 Primary elections for delegates, alternates, general, special elections.
Chapter: 3 Public offices, party offices and public questions classified
Chapter: 4 Constitutional qualifications; persons not having right of suffrage; right to register.
Chapter: 5 Powers of and restrictions upon political parties; party columns on official ballot
Chapter: 6 Membership
Chapter: 7 Appointment of challengers
Chapter: 8 Location
Chapter: 9 "Election supplies" defined
Chapter: 10 Custodial officer to preserve two years
Chapter: 11 Day for filing documents or performing official duties falling on Sunday or legal holiday
Chapter: 12 Certification as to creation of political party.
Chapter: 13 Direct petition and primary election
Chapter: 14 Copy for printer.
Chapter: 15 Supervision of district boards by county board; district boards to hold and conduct elections
Chapter: 16 Votes counted publicly without adjournment
Chapter: 17 Statement of results
Chapter: 18 Election records placed in ballot box.
Chapter: 19 Time and place of meeting; tabulation by clerk of statements of district boards and combined results
Chapter: 20 Scope of authority
Chapter: 21 Meeting times.
Chapter: 22 Statement of determination
Chapter: 23 Notice, State committee to county committee; county committee to municipal clerks.
Chapter: 24 Notification relative to number of delegates, alternates to be elected.
Chapter: 25 Presidential candidates.
Chapter: 26 Return of election documents, equipment.
Chapter: 27 Nominations, elections and ascertainment and certification of results as provided for primary and general elections
Chapter: 27A
Chapter: 28 Application for recount.
Chapter: 29 Grounds stated
Chapter: 31 Registration required to vote
Chapter: 31A Signature comparison record and duplicate permanent registration and voting form; voter's signature; form of record
Chapter: 32 Establishment of office; appointment by Governor with advice and consent of Senate; salary; vacancy.
Chapter: 33 Procedure for removing names from register.
Chapter: 34 False registration or transfer; penalties.
Chapter: 36 Time and place of meeting.
Chapter: 37 Referendum.
Chapter: 44A
Chapter: 44B
Chapter: 45 Payable by state and political subdivisions
Chapter: 46 New Jersey Redistricting Commission
Chapter: 47 Words and terms defined.
Chapter: 48 Voting machines, requirements.
Chapter: 49 Official ballots furnished
Chapter: 50 Instructional sessions for district board members.
Chapter: 52 Preparation of polling places
Chapter: 53 Unauthorized possession of equipment, tampering, etc., crime.
Chapter: 53A
Chapter: 53B Emergency ballot box packet, packages; preparation
Chapter: 53C Preparation of provisional ballots; written notices.
Chapter: 57 Ballots not to be invalidated because of omissions, withdrawal of candidates.
Chapter: 58
Chapter: 59
Chapter: 60 School elections, adjustments, ballots.
Chapter: 61 Findings, declarations relative to elections.
Chapter: 62 Municipality with 500 or fewer persons may conduct elections by mail.
Chapter: 63