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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 34 - False registration or transfer; penalties.

19:34-1: False registration or transfer; penalties.

19:34-1.1: Crimes; election official defined.

19:34-2: Offenses concerning nomination certificates or petitions.

19:34-3: Ballots; offenses concerning printing, distribution, possession and forgery thereof.

19:34-4: Voting by person convicted of disenfranchising crime.

19:34-5: Interference with conduct of election.

19:34-6: Prohibited actions in polling place on election day; exception for simulated voting.

19:34-7: Violation of ballot regulations.

19:34-8: Sample ballot not to be accepted

19:34-9: Prompting voter.

19:34-10: Identifying or distinguishing marks on ballots.

19:34-11: Fraudulent voting; interference with election or canvass; third degree crime.

19:34-12: Attempt to cast illegal vote; third degree crime.

19:34-13: Attempts by election officers to discover how voter voted; third degree crime.

19:34-14: Member of district board revealing knowledge of how voter voted.

19:34-15: Electioneering within or about polling place; disorderly persons offense.

19:34-16: Removal, destruction, mutilation of registry, voters' lists.

19:34-17: Unlawfully taking ballot box or removing contents; destroying ballots; willfully suppressing records.

19:34-18: Interfering with return of ballot boxes.

19:34-19: Insignia at polls.

19:34-20: Soliciting or procuring or assisting unlawful registration and other violations of election law.

19:34-21: Voting in wrong party ballot box.

19:34-22: False voting at primary.

19:34-23: Primary election officials acting before taking oath; willfully disregarding or violating rules.

19:34-24: Betting on election

19:34-25: Bribery.

19:34-26: Perjury; subornation of perjury.

19:34-27: Improperly influencing or intimidating employees.

19:34-28: Threatening or intimidating voters

19:34-29: Obstructing or interfering with voter

19:34-30: Influencing of vote by employer; placards for such purpose

19:34-31: Violation by person or corporation; misdemeanor; forfeiture of charter

19:34-32: Contributions by insurance corporations

19:34-33: Contributions by state, county or municipal committees

19:34-34: Expenditures by party committee or organization or petitioners

19:34-35: Other contributions and expenditures.

19:34-38: Certain expenditures prohibited

19:34-39: Other expenditures prohibited

19:34-40: Receipts for certain purposes prohibited

19:34-41: Payments and bank deposits in name of another

19:34-42: Demand of contributions by office holders from other office holders

19:34-42.1: Annual notice

19:34-42.2: Violations; penalty

19:34-43: Soliciting for religious and charitable organizations

19:34-44: Solicitation of candidates for contributions

19:34-45: Contributions by certain corporations.

19:34-46: Disfranchisement as additional penalty

19:34-47: Second offense; punishment.

19:34-48: Neglect of duties.

19:34-49: Abetting violations of title.

19:34-50: Committeemen acting after their election voided

19:34-51: Failure of delegate to national convention to surrender void certificate

19:34-52: Indorsement of candidate by party committee before primary

19:34-53: Failure to supply information.

19:34-54: Failure to obey subpoena or refusal to testify.

19:34-55: False statements under oath.

19:34-56: Disobedience of subpoena, penalty

19:34-57: Subpoena to issue, expenses

19:34-62: Prosecutor of pleas to present violations to grand jury

19:34-63: Assistant for prosecutor; employment by citizens

19:34-64: Short title

19:34-65: Person performing function in campaign of candidate for purpose of impeding campaign

19:34-66: Knowing production, transmittal or dissemination of mass communication which appears to originate from or be on behalf of campaign of candidate for pu

19:34-67: Payment of or lending money or other valuable consideration to person to induce violation of act

19:34-68: Violators; disorderly persons