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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 45 - Payable by state and political subdivisions

19:45-1: Payable by state and political subdivisions

19:45-1.1: State to pay all expenses

19:45-2: Expenses borne by State

19:45-3: Expenditures by attorney general to prosecute violations of title

19:45-4: County's expenses

19:45-5: Municipality's expenses

19:45-6: Members of district boards; compensation.

19:45-6.1: Voucher for compensation

19:45-6.2: Reimbursement to county from State for certain costs.

19:45-7: Members of county boards; commissioner of registration; compensation.

19:45-8: Compensation of judges holding court

19:45-9: Compensation of county and municipal clerks