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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 6 - Membership

19:6-1: Membership

19:6-2: Application for membership on district board; qualifications.

19:6-3: Appointment of district board members by county board, Assignment Judge of Superior Court.

19:6-4: Removal of members

19:6-5: Removal of district board member; filing of vacancies

19:6-6: Board may function notwithstanding vacancies

19:6-7: Assignment of members to election districts

19:6-8: Term of office; notification of appointment

19:6-9: Attendance of members

19:6-9.1: Conduct of election may be divided into two shifts

19:6-10: Meeting, organization of district board.

19:6-11: Oath of office of members; power to administer oaths

19:6-12: Member becoming candidate

19:6-13: Vacancies; filling

19:6-14: Boards for changed or new election districts; appointment

19:6-15: Constabulary powers of members; police assistance

19:6-15.1: Uniforms and exposed weapons forbidden; penalty

19:6-16: Police assigned to district boards in municipalities

19:6-17: Membership; political affiliations; eligibility; vacancies; clerk; other employees; civil service; compensation

19:6-18: Nomination for member of county board; certification, appointment, term.

19:6-19: Filling vacancies

19:6-20: Appointments by Governor in absence of nomination

19:6-21: Board office; equipment; supplies

19:6-21.1: Preparation of annual budget request by county board of elections.

19:6-22: Organization of county board of elections.

19:6-23: Oath of office of members; power to administer oaths

19:6-24: Powers and duties of board delegated to clerk

19:6-25: Sitting on general election days required.

19:6-26: County boards of elections as; clerk

19:6-27: Board of State Canvassers

19:6-28: Proceedings open and public

19:6-29: Majority necessary for decisions; dissents

19:6-30: Maintenance of order, powers