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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 14 - Copy for printer.

19:14-1: Copy for printer.

19:14-2: Contents; names of candidates; public questions

19:14-2.1: Inclusion on general election ballot of candidate with votes in primary by irregular ballot or write-in vote; requirements

19:14-3: Detachable coupon; printing thereon

19:14-4: Official general election, school election ballot, specification.

19:14-5: Printing body of ballot

19:14-6: Column designations; accompanying instructions.

19:14-7: Printed rulings on ballot

19:14-8: Arrangement of ballots.

19:14-8.1: Ballots for presidential electors

19:14-9: Duplicate nominations for same office; selection of column and designation

19:14-10: Nominations by petition.

19:14-12: Procedure for determining position on ballot.

19:14-13: Arrangement of public questions

19:14-14: Public questions at foot of ballot; instructions to voters

19:14-16: Style of type, rulings and spacing.

19:14-18: Number of ballots on hand

19:14-19: Custody of printed ballots

19:14-20: Correction of errors

19:14-21: Preparation; delivery of sample ballots and envelopes to municipal clerk or commissioner of registration.

19:14-21.1: Information sent to newly-registered voters for general election.

19:14-22: Form and contents; color of paper.

19:14-23: Envelopes for mailing official general election sample ballots

19:14-24: Delivery by municipal clerks to district boards

19:14-25: Mailing by district board or commissioner of registration; county board of elections, duties of

19:14-25.1: Sample ballot not required to be sent under certain circumstances.

19:14-26: Preservation of envelopes and ballots returned by postmaster

19:14-27: Inclusion with sample ballot; other arrangements in certain counties

19:14-28: Descriptive marks in case of amendments

19:14-29: Relation to statute or constitution made clear

19:14-30: Attorney general to designate information to be sent

19:14-31: Summary statement sufficient

19:14-32: Printing and delivery by secretary of state

19:14-33: When referendum notices unnecessary

19:14-34: County clerks to municipal clerks; packages sealed; record of delivery; receipts

19:14-35: Municipal clerk to member of district board; delivery by member of board to board; receipts