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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 31 - Registration required to vote

19:31-1: Registration required to vote

19:31-2: Commissioner of registration.

19:31-3: Registration forms, original and duplicate; contents

19:31-3.1: Statewide voter information on party affiliation.

19:31-3.2: Voter registration; nondisclosure of street address for domestic violence, stalking victims.

19:31-3.3: Digitized images of signatures, use; other information.

19:31-5: Persons entitled to register; failure to vote no grounds for removal.

19:31-6: Registration places, time, requirements.

19:31-6a: Chief State election official designated, Secretary of State.

19:31-6.1: Acceptance of applications for registration during 20 days prior to election, ineligibility to vote.

19:31-6.2: Application of other provisions to persons registered under act

19:31-6.3: Public agency defined; completion, submission of registration forms.

19:31-6.4: Registration forms, contents, availability; duties of officials.

19:31-6.4a: Rules, regulations

19:31-6.4b: Penalty

19:31-6.5: Acceptance of registration, commissioner's duties.

19:31-6.6: Prevention of fraudulent registration and voting; procedures

19:31-6.7: Presidential election; door-to-door canvassing

19:31-6.8: Amount of reimbursement of counties for new registrants

19:31-6.9: Rules and regulations

19:31-6.10: Severability

19:31-6.11: Voter registration agency defined; declination forms, contents.

19:31-6.12: Registration of persons in armed forces

19:31-6.13: Commissioners of registration, registration assistance

19:31-6.14: Procedures for automatic voter registration through State agencies which collect documents.

19:31-7: Registration by municipal clerks.

19:31-7.1: Municipal clerks, registration assistance

19:31-10: Filing of registration forms

19:31-10.1: Maintenance of original, updated voter registration forms.

19:31-11: Change of residence notice.

19:31-12: Errors in registration corrected

19:31-13: Change in registration due to name change.

19:31-13.1: Previous registration in another county; notice; transfer to inactive file

19:31-13.2: Eligibility to vote in primary after change of declaration if 50 days before primary.

19:31-14: New or altered districts; notice to registrants and to commissioner; registrations not invalidated

19:31-15: Removal of name from Statewide voter registration system; change of residence; confirmation.

19:31-16: Data on eligible voters' deaths filed by health officer.

19:31-16.1: Failure to furnish information on deaths, third degree crime

19:31-16.2: Provision of list of eligible voters' deaths to chairman of county committee

19:31-17: Criminal conviction data; use

19:31-18: Registry lists; distribution; contents.

19:31-18.1: Registry lists; distribution; availability, use.

19:31-18.3: Filing of original registry lists

19:31-18.4: Repeal

19:31-19: Correction of records by commissioner.

19:31-20: Delivery of signature copy registers.

19:31-21: Use of signature copy registers on election day.

19:31-22: Return of signature copy registers, inspection by commissioner.

19:31-23: Record of voting; maintenance of forms.

19:31-24: General registration following complete loss, failure of Statewide voter registration system.

19:31-26: Card index file; notations, information.

19:31-29: Violations, relief; actions

19:31-30: Rules, regulations

19:31-31: Establishment of single Statewide voter registration system.

19:31-32: Replacement of existing voter registration files.

19:31-33: Annual report; submission, contents.

19:31-34: Rules, regulations.