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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 59 -

19:59-1: Short title amended.

19:59-2: Definitions.

19:59-3: Registration of "overseas voter."

19:59-4: Request for application; qualification to vote.

19:59-5: Application form.

19:59-6: Approval; lists; inspection; delivery to county board.

19:59-7: Overseas ballot; form.

19:59-8: Instructions for completion, return of ballots; notice.

19:59-8.1: Processing overseas voter requests transmitted by electronic means.

19:59-9: Printing of certificate upon margin of flap of inner envelope.

19:59-10: Completion and transmittal of ballot by mail or electronic means.

19:59-11: Receiving and handling of ballots.

19:59-12: Request for overseas ballot for all elections during a calendar year.

19:59-13: Rules and regulations.

19:59-14: Validity of voted overseas ballot transmitted by electronic means.

19:59-15: Procedure relative to ballot transmitted by electronic means.

19:59-16: Information provided to overseas voters.