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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 15 - Supervision of district boards by county board; district boards to hold and conduct elections

19:15-1: Supervision of district boards by county board; district boards to hold and conduct elections

19:15-2: Operation hours of polls; members present.

19:15-3: Lighting and equipment of booths

19:15-4: Official ballots only used; place of keeping and distribution; no envelopes

19:15-5: Emergency ballots; preparation; use

19:15-6: Unofficial ballots; use permitted

19:15-8: Persons allowed in polling place; simulated voting.

19:15-9: Persons in polling place allowed to vote at closing of polls

19:15-10: Proclamation of opening of polls

19:15-11: Distribution and use of ballot box keys; locking ballot boxes

19:15-12: Ballot box shown to be empty; locking

19:15-17: Comparison of signatures or statements; identifying documentation.

19:15-18: Voter challenges

19:15-18.1: Challenged voter may establish right to vote

19:15-18.2: Grounds for challenging right to vote specified

19:15-18.3: Challenged voter may appeal to Superior Court judge.

19:15-19: Challenge on ground of conviction of crime; questions and answers

19:15-20: Challenge on ground of alienage; evidence of citizenship

19:15-21: Challenge on grounds of disqualification; oath

19:15-22: Examination of challenged voter

19:15-23: Questions asked persons challenged in municipalities having permanent registration

19:15-24: Challenging voter, procedure, violations by members of board, removal

19:15-25: Ballot given to voter; instructions

19:15-26: Ballots marked secretly in booth; violation disorderly persons offense.

19:15-27: Voting

19:15-28: Voting for personal choice

19:15-29: Ballot spoiled by voter; procedure to obtain another

19:15-30: Folding ballot; retention by voter until received by board

19:15-31: Delivery of ballot by voter to board; procedure thereon

19:15-32: Ballot deposited in ballot box by member of board

19:15-33: Ballot box filled

19:15-34: Time limit for challenging