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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 60 - School elections, adjustments, ballots.

19:60-1: School elections, adjustments, ballots.

19:60-1.1: Procedure for moving the date of school elections.

19:60-1.2: Moving date of certain school district annual school election.

19:60-2: Special elections; days, certain, changes; notice.

19:60-3: District board members to perform election duties; designation of polling place, voting equipment.

19:60-4: Submission of public questions.

19:60-5: Petition of nomination; contents.

19:60-6: Certificate accompanying nominating petition

19:60-7: Nomination procedures; withdrawal, vacancy; objections.

19:60-8: Positions on ballot determined by drawing

19:60-9: Ballot, form, contents.

19:60-10: Printing of sample ballots

19:60-10.1: Information sent to newly-registered voters for school election.

19:60-11: Use of poll list in lieu of signature copy register.

19:60-12: Expenses; mandated expenditures.