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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 8 - Location

19:8-1: Location

19:8-2: Suggested list of available places, selection.

19:8-3: Schoolhouses and public buildings; other locations; certification of expenses.

19:8-3.1: Accessibility of polling places.

19:8-3.2: Inaccessible polling place; alternate place, mail-in ballot.

19:8-3.3: Polling places, compliance with federal ADA.

19:8-3.4: Report of inaccessible polling places, ADA guidelines.

19:8-3.5: Review and compliance.

19:8-3.6: Report to federal authorities

19:8-3.7: Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee in each county.

19:8-3.8: "Polling Place Accessibility Fund"; use.

19:8-4: Certification of list of polling places.

19:8-5: Display of American flag

19:8-5.1: Sign identifying polling place, hours.

19:8-6: Proper equipment and voter instructions at polling places

19:8-7: Booths; size; doors or curtains; shelf

19:8-8: Number of booths

19:8-9: Location of booths

19:8-10: Location of ballot boxes in polling places

19:8-11: By whom provided and repaired

19:8-12: Size and construction of boxes