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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 48 - Voting machines, requirements.

19:48-1: Voting machines, requirements.

19:48-2: Examination of voting machines by secretary of state

19:48-3: Adoption of voting machines in counties other than counties of first class; purchase or rental; furnishing voting machines for election following enac

19:48-3.1: State House Commission, convening of and action by

19:48-3.2: Authorized ballots; emergency, provisional ballots

19:48-3.3: State House Commission to provide voting machines in first and second class counties

19:48-3.4: Appropriation for purchase of voting machines

19:48-3.5: Purchase of voting machines; competitive bids; notice; procedure

19:48-3.6: Purchase of voting machines as available

19:48-3.7: Delivery of voting machines purchased

19:48-3.8: Certification to counties of voting machines purchased; appropriations in annual budget

19:48-3.9: Payments by counties out of first tax moneys

19:48-3.10: Certification to Commissioner of Local Government of moneys to be appropriated; withholding approval of county budget

19:48-3.11: Use of voting machines when insufficient number delivered to counties

19:48-3.12: Convening of State House Commission; majority vote

19:48-3.13: Ballots, type permitted

19:48-3.14: Enforcement of act by Attorney General

19:48-3.15: Definitions

19:48-3.16: Purpose of act

19:48-3.17: Renting of voting machines

19:48-3.18: Agreements for rental of voting machines; terms and conditions

19:48-3.19: Certification to municipal clerk of voting machines rented

19:48-3.20: Municipal clerk's duties on receipt of certification

19:48-3.21: Expenditures for voting machines rented; reimbursement of county by municipality

19:48-4: Custody and care of machines

19:48-5: Payment for machines

19:48-6: Duties of officials concerning machines

19:48-7: Inoperative voting machines; use of emergency ballots; statements.

19:48-8: Rental of voting machines to associations, clubs, etc.; terms