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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 63 -

19:63-1: Short title.

19:63-2: Definitions relative to voting by mail.

19:63-3: Procedure for user of mail-in ballot.

19:63-3.1: Additions to list of mail-in voters.

19:63-4: Application for mail-in ballot, authorized messenger.

19:63-5: Application for mail-in ballot to county clerk.

19:63-6: Publication of notice.

19:63-7: Printing of mail-in ballots.

19:63-7.1: Production, transmission of mail-in ballots in certain circumstances.

19:63-8: Verification of voter's signature for issuance of mail-in ballot.

19:63-9: Delivery of mail-in ballots.

19:63-10: Forwarding of requests to county board of elections, lists of requests kept.

19:63-11: Ballots marked "Official Mail-In Ballot."

19:63-12: Directions for preparation, transmitting of mail-in ballots.

19:63-13: Certificate of mail-in voter.

19:63-14: Certification by county clerk.

19:63-15: Marking of applicant's record.

19:63-16: Marking of mail-in ballot by voter; delivery to board of elections.

19:63-17: Actions of county board of elections relative to mail-in ballot.

19:63-18: Counting of mail-in ballots.

19:63-19: Mail-in ballot deemed valid.

19:63-20: Mail-in voters, certain, not permitted to vote in person.

19:63-21: Rejection of ballot mailed in by voter subsequently deceased.

19:63-22: Opening of mail-in ballots.

19:63-23: Marking in voting records to show mail-in ballots delivered.

19:63-24: Board of elections to keep voted mail-in ballots and certifications for two years.

19:63-25: Powers exercised over mail-in voting.

19:63-26: No election held invalid due to mail-in ballots.

19:63-27: Ballot required to be sealed before delivery.

19:63-28: Violations, third degree crime; penalties.