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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 53B - Emergency ballot box packet, packages; preparation

19:53B-1: Emergency ballot box packet, packages; preparation

19:53B-2: Distribution, use of emergency ballots

19:53B-3: Voting with emergency ballots

19:53B-4: Use of emergency ballot box

19:53B-5: Procedure for voter use of emergency ballots

19:53B-6: Emergency ballots marked secretly; violation.

19:53B-7: Method of marking ballot

19:53B-8: Personal choice column provided on emergency ballots

19:53B-9: Spoiled emergency ballots

19:53B-10: Voted emergency ballot placed in sealed envelope

19:53B-11: Deposit of sealed envelope in emergency ballot box

19:53B-12: Challenge of voter using emergency ballot, electronic voting machine.

19:53B-13: Canvassing emergency ballots

19:53B-14: Void emergency ballots

19:53B-15: Void emergency ballots not counted

19:53B-16: Decision of district board final, dissension

19:53B-17: Reading of emergency ballots

19:53B-18: Tallying of votes

19:53B-19: Emergency ballot tally added to machine tally

19:53B-20: Ballots remain sealed in box for 15 days; when removable

19:53B-21: List by district, number of emergency ballots used.