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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 53C - Preparation of provisional ballots; written notices.

19:53C-1: Preparation of provisional ballots; written notices.

19:53C-2: procedures, use of provisional ballots

19:53C-3: Procedure as to voters changing residence within the county, certain use of provisional, mail-in ballots.

19:53C-4: Designated area for marking provisional ballot, affirmation statement

19:53C-5: Voters given provisional ballot, retire into designated voting area.

19:53C-6: Completion of affirmation statement

19:53C-7: Voting with provisional ballot.

19:53C-8: Write-in votes on provisional ballot permitted

19:53C-9: Spoiled provisional ballot, affirmation statement; procedure

19:53C-10: Voted provisional ballot placed in envelope, written instructions.

19:53C-11: Inventory of provisional ballots

19:53C-12: Transportation of provisional ballot bag

19:53C-13: Opening of provisional ballot bag.

19:53C-14: Canvassing provisional ballots

19:53C-15: Counting provisional ballots; standards for validity

19:53C-16: Invalid provisional ballots

19:53C-17: Votes counted, void votes

19:53C-18: Decision of county board final

19:53C-19: Use of tally sheets

19:53C-20: Votes tallied

19:53C-21: List by district, number of provisional ballots used.