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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 58 -

19:58-1: Short title

19:58-2: Definitions

19:58-3: Persons entitled to qualify and vote for presidential electors

19:58-4: Certificate of disqualification of removed resident; authority for determination

19:58-5: Obtaining application form for presidential ballot

19:58-6: Preparation of application forms for presidential ballots and forms of affidavits of residence; color of paper

19:58-8: Application for presidential ballot by removed resident; form and contents

19:58-9: Time and manner of application; certificate of registration officer in election district in which removed resident resides

19:58-10: Form of presidential ballot

19:58-11: Duty of county clerk to furnish presidential ballots, inner and outer envelopes, and directions; payment of expenses

19:58-12: List of applicants; inspection

19:58-13: Examination and approval of qualifications of applicant; investigations

19:58-14: Transfer of permanent registration forms of removed residents

19:58-15: Delivery of ballots; deadline for applications

19:58-16: Forwarding applications and accompanying certificates to county board of elections; list of applications

19:58-17: Directions to be sent with ballots; envelopes

19:58-19: Certificate; form

19:58-20: Certification of names and addresses of recipients of ballots

19:58-21: Marking and handling of presidential ballots by voters

19:58-22: Mailing of ballots to county board of elections

19:58-23: Completed ballots; handling by county boards

19:58-25: Ballots received prior to closing of polls counted; validity of ballots notwithstanding absence of voter's name on certificate

19:58-26: Person receiving presidential ballot not to vote in person

19:58-27: Death of voter

19:58-28: Canvass of presidential ballots

19:58-29: Marking of Statewide voter registration system, duplicate voting records.

19:58-30: Ballots and other papers

19:58-31: Powers of county board, clerk, superintendent and commissioner over voting by presidential ballot

19:58-32: Validity of election not affected by irregularities

19:58-33: Violations of Presidential Ballot Law, penalties.