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Title: 24 - FOOD AND DRUGS

Chapter: 11A -

24:11A-1: Short title

24:11A-2: Declaration of purpose

24:11A-3: Definitions

24:11A-4: Flour; vitamin and mineral content; minimum standards

24:11A-5: Bread and rolls; vitamin and mineral content; minimum standards

24:11A-6: Enrichment; ingredients

24:11A-7: Modification of vitamin and mineral requirements; interstate commerce; authority of department

24:11A-8: Shortage of vitamins and minerals; temporary suspension of minimum standards; authority of department

24:11A-9: Enforcement of act; investigations and inspections

24:11A-10: Violations; penalties; recovery; disposition

24:11A-11: Separate violations

24:11A-12: Actions to restrain violations

24:11A-13: Repeal of conflicting acts; saving clause

24:11A-14: Effective date