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Title: 24 - FOOD AND DRUGS


Chapter: 1
Chapter: 2 Enforcement by state departments; rules and regulations
Chapter: 3 Right of entry; opening packages; inspection
Chapter: 4 Confiscation; summary proceeding
Chapter: 4A
Chapter: 5 Sale, distribution or manufacture of adulterated or misbranded articles
Chapter: 5A
Chapter: 6 Establishment of standards
Chapter: 6A New drugs; introduction into interstate commerce; application; effective date of application; refusal of application; application of chapter
Chapter: 6B Registration statement; filing with department.
Chapter: 6D
Chapter: 6E
Chapter: 6F Prescribing, administering or dispensing amygdalin (laetrile); immunity of physician; written informed request; form
Chapter: 6G Control or possession without written permit; prohibition; exceptions
Chapter: 6H Distribution of ephedrine alkaloids to minor, disorderly person; exceptions.
Chapter: 6I
Chapter: 6j
Chapter: 6k
Chapter: 6M Findings, declarations relative to drug donation.
Chapter: 8 "Caustic acids" and "caustic alkalies" enumerated
Chapter: 9
Chapter: 10
Chapter: 10A Straws, tubes and other devices for drinking
Chapter: 11 License; expiration
Chapter: 11A
Chapter: 12 "Nonalcoholic drink" defined
Chapter: 14A Use on toys, furniture or accessible surfaces of dwelling; prohibition
Chapter: 15
Chapter: 15A Equipment of lead, cadmium, or metallic substance; formation of dangerous compounds; unwholesome, dangerous or detrimental
Chapter: 16B
Chapter: 17 Penalties
Chapter: 21