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Title: 24 - FOOD AND DRUGS

Chapter: 21 -

24:21-1: Short title

24:21-2: Definitions.

24:21-3: Authority to control.

24:21-4: Schedules of controlled substances

24:21-5: Schedule I.

24:21-6: Schedule II.

24:21-7: Schedule III.

24:21-8: Schedule IV.

24:21-8.1: Schedule V.

24:21-9: Rules and regulations.

24:21-10: Registration requirements.

24:21-11: Registration.

24:21-12: Denial, revocation, or suspension of registration.

24:21-13: Records of registrants.

24:21-14: Order forms.

24:21-15: Prescriptions.

24:21-15.1: Prescriber to discuss risks of dependence on certain drugs with certain patients.

24:21-15.2: Limitation on amount of opiod initially prescribed under certain circumstances.

24:21-15.3: Rules, regulations.

24:21-16: Form of label on containers of manufacturers and wholesalers; altering or removing label.

24:21-17: Form of label to be used by pharmacists; altering or removing label.

24:21-21: Prohibited acts C.--Records and order forms of registered manufacturers and distributors--Penalties

24:21-22: Prohibited acts D.--Fraud or misrepresentation by registered manufacturers or distributors--penalties.

24:21-23: General penalty

24:21-24: Attempt, endeavor and conspiracy

24:21-25: Additional penalties

24:21-29: Second or subsequent offenses

24:21-31: Powers of enforcement personnel.

24:21-32: Administrative inspections and warrants.

24:21-33: Injunctions

24:21-34: Cooperative arrangements.

24:21-35: Nuisances

24:21-36: Reports of convictions of manufacturers and practitioners.

24:21-37: Burden of proof; liabilities; immunity

24:21-38: Judicial review.

24:21-39: Reports by practitioners of drug dependent persons.

24:21-40: Pending proceedings

24:21-42: Uniformity of interpretation

24:21-43: Severability

24:21-44: Study of penalties relating to use and possession of marihuana

24:21-45: Repealer

24:21-52: Seizure in violation of act

24:21-53: Severability

24:21-54: "Controlled Dangerous Substances Administration and Enforcement Fund."

24:21-55: "Project Medicine Drop" program.

24:21-56: Rules, regulations.