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Title: 24 - FOOD AND DRUGS

Chapter: 12 - "Nonalcoholic drink" defined

24:12-1: "Nonalcoholic drink" defined

24:12-2: Prohibited adulterations; drinks containing water treated with fluorides

24:12-4: False advertising

24:12-5: Licensing of wholesale bottlers

24:12-6: Issuance of license; period of

24:12-7: Revocation or suspension of license

24:12-8: Definitions

24:12-9: State regulations, standards for bottled water.

24:12-10: Periodic testing

24:12-11: Potability test results to Department of Health; annual report to legislative committees

24:12-12: Procedures, rules, regulations

24:12-13: Powers of commissioner

24:12-14: Violations; penalties