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Title: 24 - FOOD AND DRUGS

Chapter: 10 -

24:10-57.1: Definitions

24:10-57.2: Permit to operate milk plant or as bulk milk hauler; necessity; transferability; expiration

24:10-57.3: Restrictions in permits

24:10-57.4: Temporary or emergency permits

24:10-57.5: Annual fee; amounts

24:10-57.6: Preliminary findings

24:10-57.7: Forms; establishment by state department

24:10-57.8: Revocation of permit; grounds; renewal; suspension pending hearing

24:10-57.9: Maintenance of records; inspection

24:10-57.10: Powers of local board of health

24:10-57.11: Inconsistent ordinances, rules or regulations

24:10-57.12: Notification of violations; prohibition of distribution and sale

24:10-57.13: Inspections; authorized inspectors

24:10-57.14: Place of inspection

24:10-57.15: Inability of local board to make inspections

24:10-57.16: Bacteriological and other tests; methods, techniques, personnel, etc.

24:10-57.17: Pasteurization required

24:10-57.18: Milk and fluid milk products; pasteurization

24:10-57.19: Enforcement; failure of local board to act; procedure by state department

24:10-57.20: Rules and regulations

24:10-57.21: Sanitary conditions; health and habits of personnel

24:10-57.22: Use of apparatus, containers, equipment, etc., for other purposes prohibited

24:10-57.23: Container regulations

24:10-57.24: Cans, packages and other containers enclosing milk, milk products or fluid milk products; labelling

24:10-57.24a: Use of or reference to fluid milk product or dairy farm by imitation product; prohibition

24:10-57.24b: Additional rules and regulations for milk products and their imitations

24:10-57.26: Failure of milk or milk products to meet minimum requirements

24:10-57.27: Milk and milk products of violators barred from state

24:10-57.28: Contamination of milk

24:10-57.29: Severability

24:10-57.30: Repeals

24:10-73.1: Rules and regulations of department of health; establishment of standards of identity and definitions

24:10-73.1a: Compliance with rules and regulations; extensions of time

24:10-73.2: "Frozen desserts" ; definition

24:10-73.5: Definitions.

24:10-73.6: Sale of adulterated frozen desserts prohibited

24:10-73.7: When frozen desserts deemed adulterated

24:10-73.10: License to sell, distribute frozen desserts.

24:10-73.11: Form of application; affidavit

24:10-73.12: Issuance of license; expiration

24:10-73.13: Revocation or suspension of license; renewal

24:10-73.14: Illegal sale and distribution of frozen dessert

24:10-73.15: Use of license moneys for enforcement

24:10-73.16: Inspection; fee

24:10-73.17: Partial invalidity

24:10-73.18: Repeals