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Title: 24 - FOOD AND DRUGS

Chapter: 6E -

24:6E-1: Short title

24:6E-2: Advertisement of prescription drugs; rules and regulations

24:6E-3: Restraint on prescription drug price information to public

24:6E-4: Definitions.

24:6E-6: List of interchangeable drug products.

24:6E-7: Prescriptions; dispensation of lowest cost interchangeable drug product; exceptions; notice of substitution

24:6E-8: Prescriptions; dispensation of substitute drug for drug not on latest list of interchangeable drug products; reasons; approval of prescriber

24:6E-9: Dispensation of nonbrand name drug product; label.

24:6E-10: Drug stores, pharmacies or drug departments; signs; information to be disclosed about drug to be dispensed

24:6E-11: Violations; penalties; collection and enforcement; validity of prescription on unauthorized form

24:6E-12: Inapplicability of act to dispensation of drug permits under institutional permits

24:6E-13: Severability