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Title: 24 - FOOD AND DRUGS

Chapter: 15 -

24:15-1: Definitions

24:15-2: Cleanliness, lighting, plumbing and ventilation

24:15-3: Construction of walls and floors

24:15-4: Cleanliness of walls, floors, furniture and machinery; use of hydrocyanic acids or salts; running water; multi-use utensils

24:15-5: Protection of food, drugs or cosmetics from contamination; removal of refuse

24:15-6: Clothing of employees to be kept clean

24:15-7: Toilet facilities for and personal cleanliness of employees

24:15-8: Expectoration prohibited

24:15-9: Sleeping in rooms of food establishment

24:15-10: Persons affected with communicable disease

24:15-11: Order to abate violation in lieu of prosecution

24:15-12: Furnishing and posting abstract of law

24:15-13: License; necessity; fee; exemptions

24:15-14: Fee for license or inspection.