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Title: 24 - FOOD AND DRUGS

Chapter: 16B -

24:16B-1: Short title

24:16B-2: Declaration of policy

24:16B-3: Definitions

24:16B-4: Transfer of authority from Department of Health to Department of Agriculture; general power of Department of Agriculture

24:16B-5: General power of the board; rules and regulations

24:16B-6: General powers of the secretary

24:16B-7: Enforcement by municipalities

24:16B-8: State inspectors, analysts and employees; continuation of former practices and procedures for a period not in excess of 1 year

24:16B-10: Powers and duties of local inspectors

24:16B-17: Inspections

24:16B-18: Disposition of dead animals

24:16B-19: Diseased or physically impaired animals

24:16B-20: Antemortem inspections

24:16B-21: Unauthorized entry of uninspected animals prohibited

24:16B-22: Separate slaughter of animals found to show symptoms of disease

24:16B-23: Separate slaughter and preparation of horsemeat

24:16B-24: Postmortem inspection

24:16B-25: Inspection mark required before processing

24:16B-26: Inspection during processing or preparation

24:16B-27: Inspection required before packaging or shipment

24:16B-28: Condemnation; disposition

24:16B-29: Disposition of by-products

24:16B-30: Actions authorized

24:16B-31: Handling, transporting and storing

24:16B-32: Packaging

24:16B-33: Contents of labels

24:16B-34: Registration of labels, marks

24:16B-35: Sale or shipment of mislabeled packages prohibited

24:16B-36: Sale or shipment of unwholesome meat prohibited

24:16B-37: Acceptance by handler-distributor of unwholesome meat prohibited

24:16B-38: Sale or shipment of horsemeat prohibited

24:16B-39: Vehicle permits

24:16B-40: Display of vehicle permits required

24:16B-41: Other applications of this act

24:16B-42: Exemption from inspection

24:16B-43: Removal of inspectors

24:16B-44: Engaging in business prohibited after removal of inspectors

24:16B-45: Acts of agents, servants and employees

24:16B-46: Books and records; rights of entry, inspection of premises

24:16B-47: Reports of licensee

24:16B-48: Proceedings before the secretary

24:16B-49: Hearing procedures

24:16B-50: Issuance of subpoenas

24:16B-51: Service of subpoenas; fees and mileage

24:16B-52: Refusal to obey subpoena or testify; contempt

24:16B-53: Oaths

24:16B-54: Grounds for denying license

24:16B-55: Informal hearings on violations; adjustment

24:16B-56: Orders of the secretary; service

24:16B-57: Records of the secretary; reports to the Attorney General

24:16B-58: Disposition of license fees, penalties, fines and costs

24:16B-59: Review by Superior Court

24:16B-60: Violations

24:16B-61: Actions to restrain violations

24:16B-62: Co-operation with United States Government

24:16B-63: Agreements with other agencies

24:16B-64: Grant of specific powers not to impair general powers

24:16B-65: Foreign or interstate commerce

24:16B-66: Authority of department of health not abrogated or affected except as authorized by this act

24:16B-67: Authority of the division of weights and measures not abrogated or affected

24:16B-68: Liberal construction

24:16B-69: Inconsistent acts and rules and regulations superseded

24:16B-70: Partial invalidity

24:16B-71: Repeal