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Title: 24 - FOOD AND DRUGS

Chapter: 6B - Registration statement; filing with department.

24:6B-1: Registration statement; filing with department.

24:6B-2: Persons required to sign and verify statement; form and contents.

24:6B-3: Time for filing

24:6B-4: Fee

24:6B-5: Change of address; notice; fee

24:6B-6: Cleanliness of premises

24:6B-7: Cleanliness of equipment and machinery

24:6B-8: Washroom and toilet facilities

24:6B-9: Adulteration or misbranding of drug; examination of records

24:6B-10: Order to correct violation

24:6B-11: Penalties.

24:6B-12: Definitions.

24:6B-13: Appropriation

24:6B-14: Definitions relative to pharmaceutical wholesale distributors.

24:6B-15: Licensure required for pharmaceutical wholesale distributors.

24:6B-16: Criminal history record background check for applicants, designated representatives, persons enumerated.

24:6B-17: Establishment, maintenance of list of authorized distributors.

24:6B-18: Determination of eligibility for licensure renewal.

24:6B-19: Additional requirements for designated representatives.

24:6B-20: Requirements for facilities used for wholesale prescription drug distribution.

24:6B-21: Provision of pedigree, certification prior to sale, return of prescription drug.

24:6B-22: Annual report to the Legislature on tracking system.

24:6B-23: Authentication of distribution of prescription drug.

24:6B-24: Examination of shipping container.

24:6B-25: Criteria for return of prescription drug to wholesale distributor.

24:6B-26: Requirements for wholesale distributor.

24:6B-27: Maintenance of document, record relative to pedigree, certification.

24:6B-28: Adherence to written policies, procedures by wholesale distributors.

24:6B-29: Violations, gradation of offenses.

24:6B-30: Noncompliance with orders, penalties.

24:6B-31: Real, personal property, certain, subject to forfeiture.

24:6B-32: Wholesale Drug Distribution Advisory Council.

24:6B-33: Rules, regulations.