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Title: 24 - FOOD AND DRUGS

Chapter: 9 -

24:9-21: Definitions

24:9-22: Application for license for refrigerated warehouse or locker plant

24:9-23: License fees; suspension or revocation of license

24:9-24: Reports to commissioner

24:9-25: Notice of insanitary condition of warehouse or locker plant

24:9-26: Duration of storage period; extension

24:9-27: Disposition and sale of articles in refrigerated warehouse longer than two years without extension

24:9-28: Restorage after release from storage prohibited

24:9-29: Transfer between refrigerators

24:9-30: Requirements for storage

24:9-31: Lot numbers for identification

24:9-32: Marking and tagging of articles placed in storage

24:9-33: Alteration, mutilation or destruction of tags or marks prohibited

24:9-34: Penalties for violations

24:9-35: Enforcement of provisions

24:9-36: Plaintiff entitled to penalties

24:9-37: Repeal