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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 13 - State aid roads; standards for construction and maintenance

27:13-1: State aid roads; standards for construction and maintenance

27:13-1a: Width of road; elimination in consideration for State aid

27:13-1.1: Amount of State aid appropriated to counties and municipalities for construction and maintenance of roads; annual notice

27:13-1.2: Annual budget; amount

27:13-1.3: Certification of amount by commissioner

27:13-2: Annual work program; filing; approval

27:13-3: Time for filing programs; hearings; co-ordination of programs

27:13-4: Payment of dedicated funds quarterly; dates for payment; emergencies

27:13-5: Moneys allotted to counties and municipalities as State aid road funds to be held in special account until paid out

27:13-6: Investment of moneys in special State aid road fund account; availability

27:13-7: Payment or retention of moneys allotted to counties; dedicated funds

27:13-8: Investment of dedicated funds; availability

27:13-9: Snow removal equipment; purchase

27:13-10: Assistance in reconstruction of certain public roads

27:13-11: Application for assistance

27:13-12: Contents of application

27:13-13: Action by commissioner; authority to resubmit

27:13-14: Certification of funds

27:13-15: Supervision and control of work

27:13-16: Authorization of expenditure or disbursement of county or municipal share

27:13-17: Rules and regulations by commissioner