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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS


Chapter: 1A
Chapter: 1B
Chapter: 1C
Chapter: 1D Findings, declarations relative to transportation projects
Chapter: 1E
Chapter: 2 Road contracts
Chapter: 3 Establishment of detour upon necessity
Chapter: 3A Purpose of act
Chapter: 4 Vacation of unused roads
Chapter: 5
Chapter: 5A Military reservations, roads in; supervision
Chapter: 5B Acquisition, construction, maintenance, repair or operation of projects
Chapter: 5D Co-operative agreements by state highway commissioner for acquisition and clearance of property in blighted or urban redevelopment areas
Chapter: 5E
Chapter: 5F Medical aid
Chapter: 5G Bridge clearance posting, municipal roads
Chapter: 5H Findings, declarations
Chapter: 5I Parking of roll-off dumpsters
Chapter: 5J Archaeological findings on property of DOT, various authorities, protected.
Chapter: 5K Findings, declarations relative to scenic, historic highways.
Chapter: 6 State highway routes set forth
Chapter: 7
Chapter: 7A
Chapter: 8 Contracts between state and federal government; other parties
Chapter: 9 Construction of state highway routes by counties; consent required
Chapter: 10 Approval of plans by commissioner; contracts
Chapter: 11 State highway system funds; sources
Chapter: 12 Disposition of property not needed for public use
Chapter: 13 State aid roads; standards for construction and maintenance
Chapter: 13A
Chapter: 14 Annual apportionment to counties for construction and reconstruction; county's share
Chapter: 15 Amount available; use of funds; notice; budget, inclusion in; standards
Chapter: 15A State Highway Commissioner authorized to approve applications for state aid in repairing certain county roads or bridges
Chapter: 16 County powers
Chapter: 17 County boulevards authorized; construction and maintenance; connecting roads
Chapter: 18 Construction; acquisition of property; condemnation
Chapter: 19 Construction; maintenance and repair; joint county bridges
Chapter: 20 Acquisition of plank roads; bridges; maintenance by counties and municipalities
Chapter: 21 Construction by county; application by municipality
Chapter: 22 Use of funds obtained from highway commissioner; consent required
Chapter: 23 Transportation projects.
Chapter: 25
Chapter: 25A
Chapter: 26
Chapter: 26A
Chapter: 27 "Monorail" defined