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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 5G - Bridge clearance posting, municipal roads

27:5G-1: Bridge clearance posting, municipal roads

27:5G-2: County roads

27:5G-3: State roads

27:5G-4: Railroad overpasses

27:5G-5: Short title

27:5G-6: Findings, declarations

27:5G-7: Definitions

27:5G-8: Assignment of jurisdiction

27:5G-9: Assignment to Department of Transportation

27:5G-10: Assignment to other public entities

27:5G-11: Assignment to New Jersey Transit Corporation

27:5G-12: Assignment to private owner

27:5G-13: Assignment as State highway bridge

27:5G-14: Routine maintenance

27:5G-15: Services

27:5G-16: Maintenance contracts

27:5G-17: Not under Title 48

27:5G-18: Prior tort, contractual liability

27:5G-19: Transfer of jurisdiction