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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 1B -

27:1B-1: Short title

27:1B-2: Findings, declarations

27:1B-3: Definitions.

27:1B-4: New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority

27:1B-5: Purpose of authority

27:1B-6: Powers of authority

27:1B-7: Power to accept and use funds appropriated and paid by State.

27:1B-8: Contracts with toll road authorities or state agencies

27:1B-9: Issuance of bonds.

27:1B-10: Covenants with holders of bonds, notes or other obligations.

27:1B-11: Pledge of revenues, moneys, funds or other property

27:1B-12: Immunity from personal liability of members of authority and persons executing bonds

27:1B-13: Reserves, funds or accounts

27:1B-14: Pledge of state to not alter or limit rights or powers vested in authority

27:1B-15: Bonds or notes as legal investments

27:1B-16: Tax exemption; property of authority; bonds, notes or other obligations

27:1B-17: Annual report

27:1B-18: Services to authority by other governmental units; payment of costs

27:1B-19: Rules and regulations

27:1B-20: "Transportation Trust Fund Account."

27:1B-21: "Special Transportation Fund."

27:1B-21.1: Annual funding maximums.

27:1B-21.4: Utilization of funds; allocation of costs

27:1B-21.5: Duties of commissioner, loans, conditions; reports

27:1B-21.6: Funding agreements for transportation projects

27:1B-21.7: Closing accounts, expenditure of remaining funds

27:1B-21.8: Credits to Airport Safety Fund.

27:1B-21.9: Appropriation for operating expenses of New Jersey Transit Corporation

27:1B-21.10: Definitions relative to State Transportation Infrastructure Bank

27:1B-21.11: State Transportation Infrastructure Bank, established

27:1B-21.12: Commissioner's powers; duties

27:1B-21.13: Rules, regulations

27:1B-21.14: Short title

27:1B-21.15: Findings, declarations regarding the State's transportation system

27:1B-21.16: Program to improve traffic signal operation

27:1B-21.17: Reduction of single occupancy trips, report to Legislature

27:1B-21.18: Telecommuting, report to Legislature

27:1B-21.19: Context sensitive design

27:1B-21.20: Large trucks, report to Legislature

27:1B-21.21: LED lighting installation

27:1B-21.22: Pavement Preservation and Preventive Maintenance Program

27:1B-21.23: Evaluation of road pavements

27:1B-21.24: Pavement maintenance, repair, report to Governor and Legislature

27:1B-21.25: Life cycle cost analysis of pavements, report to Governor and Legislature

27:1B-21.26: Congestion Buster Task Force

27:1B-21.27: Park-and-ride facility expansion, report to Governor and Legislature

27:1B-21.28: Use of debt service savings

27:1B-21.29: Additional funds

27:1B-21.30: Highway route construction, restriction

27:1B-21.32: Use of reclaimed asphalt pavement by DOT.

27:1B-22: Preparation, submission of reports.

27:1B-22.1: Circle of Mobility projects; inclusion on list, annual funding; completion

27:1B-22.2: Financial Policy Review Board.

27:1B-22.3: Report to Governor, Legislature.

27:1B-22.4: Inclusion of projects in "Annual Transportation Capital Program."

27:1B-22.5: Annual Transportation Capital Program Approval Committee.

27:1B-23: Contracts by treasurer, commissioner and authority.

27:1B-24: Expenditures with firms owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals and by women

27:1B-25: County, municipal projects.

27:1B-25.1: Aid to counties, municipalities, basis.

27:1B-25.2: Use of reclaimed asphalt pavement, maximum amount.

27:1B-25.3: Use of reclaimed asphalt pavement in "closed system" project.

27:1B-25.4: Use of reclaimed asphalt pavement, certain; prohibited.

27:1B-26: Budgets of counties and municipalities; inclusion of and commitments against state aid

27:1B-27: Counties and municipalities; temporary state aid anticipation notes

27:1B-28: Act not to limit, alter or impair rights and security of holders under contracts

27:1B-29: Severability

27:1B-30: Liberal interpretation of act

27:1B-31: Act as supplemental and additional to powers conferred by other laws; inconsistent acts subordinate to this act