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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 14 - Annual apportionment to counties for construction and reconstruction; county's share

27:14-1: Annual apportionment to counties for construction and reconstruction; county's share

27:14-2: Construction of public roads; action by freeholders; contribution by municipalities

27:14-3: Surveys and plans; approval by freeholders and commissioner

27:14-4: Cost defined

27:14-5: Road improvements; extent of

27:14-6: Bridges and culverts; specifications, advertisements and contracts

27:14-7: Supplemental contracts

27:14-8: Limitation on state aid in certain cases

27:14-9: Contribution by municipalities; resolutions binding

27:14-10: Municipal bond issue

27:14-11: Municipalities may borrow to meet installments on improvement contract; amount

27:14-12: Advertisement for bids; specifications; certified check with bid; contract and bond; time of awarding contract

27:14-13: Contract and bond; approval by commissioner; rejection; readvertising

27:14-14: Time of payments; contractor's bond on completion of work; term

27:14-15: Partial payments; engineers' certificate; final report; filing

27:14-16: Partial payments for highway work; amount

27:14-17: Payment of state's share of construction cost; certification

27:14-18: Contribution by county; annual tax levy; deficiency and surplus

27:14-19: Bond issue instead of tax levy; vote required

27:14-20: Acquisition of land; condemnation; abandonment

27:14-21: Certain roads chargeable to county; sidewalks and drains; maintenance

27:14-22: Widening roads; state aid; procedure

27:14-23: Copy of all papers filed with commissioner

27:14-24: County road supervisor; county engineer; county superintendent of bridges; assistants

27:14-24.2: Tenure in office for certain county road supervisors.

27:14-25: Engineer and road supervisor; removal; procedure; successor

27:14-26: Road closed temporarily; procedure

27:14-27: Authorities may acquire quarries and gravel pits

27:14-28: Authority over trees

27:14-29: Applicability of article; road construction by municipalities

27:14-30: Improvement of county roads by boroughs; payment of cost

27:14-31: Bond issues; reimbursement

27:14-32: Consent to improvement by borough

27:14-35: Grade of road and sidewalks; work done by municipalities

27:14-36: Restrictions on municipal improvements

27:14-37: Payment by municipalities; assessments for benefits

27:14-38: Improvement by property owners at own expense; contract; approval by county

27:14-39: Completed road taken over by county; engineer's compensation

27:14-40: Change of location of road

27:14-41: Approaches to properties; payment by county

27:14-42: Improvement of roads along state property; payment by state body

27:14-43: Improvement of full width road at request of property owners

27:14-44: Repair and maintenance; funds; how raised

27:14-45: Maintenance of roads built by freeholders within certain cities

27:14-46: Maintenance and repair of roads leading to state institutions

27:14-47: Extraordinary repairs or reconstruction; approval

27:14-48: Extraordinary repairs; payment of cost; state aid

27:14-49: Municipality may borrow certain amount for road repairs; repayment