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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 19 - Construction; maintenance and repair; joint county bridges

27:19-1: Construction; maintenance and repair; joint county bridges

27:19-2: Petition for bridge or viaduct; referendum; resolution

27:19-3: Ballot; form and content

27:19-4: Petition for bridge or viaduct in adjoining counties; referendum or resolution

27:19-5: Acquisition of property and rights therein; payment

27:19-6: Bridges and viaducts to connect highways

27:19-7: Commission to settle disputes; appointment, powers, duties and compensation

27:19-9: Closing unsafe bridges; repair; freeholders notified

27:19-10: Bridges; actions for personal injuries or property damage

27:19-11: Toll bridges and viaducts; acquisition; maintenance as free bridges

27:19-12: Acquisition of joint bridges; agreements; contents; cost apportioned

27:19-13: Regulations for bridges and viaducts; bridge tenders; police powers

27:19-14: Advertisement for bids; designs, plans and specifications

27:19-15: Moneys for preliminary expenses; annual charges; how raised

27:19-16: Approaches included in "viaduct and bridge"

27:19-17: Joint construction and operation of bridge in one county

27:19-18: Bridges to conform to wharf lines; drawbridges

27:19-19: Tracks, pipes, conduits on bridges; agreement; appeal to utility commissioners

27:19-20: Bridge over certain tidal waters; legislative consent

27:19-21: Liability during repairs

27:19-22: Changing course of stream; acquisition of property

27:19-23: Joint county bridges; preliminary survey; cost of survey apportioned

27:19-24: Bond issue; maturity

27:19-25: Contribution by state

27:19-26: County bridge commission; general powers; "bridge" defined

27:19-26.1: Definitions relative to county bridge commission projects, certain.

27:19-26.2: Additional powers of county bridge commission.

27:19-26.3: Empowerment to enter into lease, agreement.

27:19-26.4: Powers of county, municipality.

27:19-26.5: Empowerment to convey land to commission.

27:19-27: Entry upon and condemnation of lands

27:19-28: Power to acquire or construct approaches and bridges

27:19-29: Tolls, facility charges.

27:19-30: Total cost; what to include

27:19-31: Financing of purposes, powers of bridge commission.

27:19-32: Bonds of bridge commission.

27:19-32.1: Covenant of State with bondholders.

27:19-32.2: Legal investments, evidences of indebtedness of commission as

27:19-33: Creation of commission; corporate powers; members; terms and vacancies; property exempt from taxation and execution; bonds tax exempt

27:19-34: Organization of commission; officers and employees; compensation

27:19-34.1: Contracts for hospitalization, medical, surgical, etc., benefits; validation and confirmation of payments

27:19-35: Awarding of contracts, agreements.

27:19-36: Operation of bridges; tolls; agreements with counties for maintenance of bridges; powers of counties

27:19-36.1: Payments to municipality in lieu of taxes.

27:19-36.2: Lease or conveyance of real property to county bridge commission

27:19-36.3: Appointment of bridge police; authority; procedure on arrest

27:19-36.4: Rules and regulations by county bridge commission

27:19-36.5: Penalties for violations

27:19-37: Records, semiannual statements, examination.

27:19-37.1: Surplus capital funds; determination; disposition

27:19-37.2: Use of surplus capital funds

27:19-39: Dissolution of commission; assumption of duties

27:19-40: Bridges extending within limits of other states not to be acquired or constructed

27:19-41: Sale by commission of bridges extending within limits of other states

27:19-42: Disposition of proceeds of sale of bridges extending within limits of other states

27:19-43: Disposition of proceeds of condemnation award for bridge

27:19-44: Dissolution of county bridge commission

27:19-45: Replacement or reconstruction of bridges or approaches; powers of commission