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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 25 -

27:25-1: Short title

27:25-2: Legislative findings and declarations

27:25-3: Definitions.

27:25-4: New Jersey Transit Corporation established; board; powers.

27:25-5: Powers and duties of corporation.

27:25-5a: Collapsible bicycles permitted on NJT passenger trains

27:25-5b: Regulations relative to guide or service dogs.

27:25-5c: Access Link Customer Service Group.

27:25-5.1: Railroad passes for retired employees

27:25-5.2: Certificates; rules

27:25-5.3: Restrictions

27:25-5.4: Illegal use

27:25-5.5: Confiscation of certificate

27:25-5.6: Definitions relative to rail passenger service.

27:25-5.7: Payment for service; proof of payment.

27:25-5.8: Violation.

27:25-5.9: Applicability to juveniles.

27:25-5.10: Cooperation of passengers, required; violation.

27:25-5.11: Form of complaint, summons.

27:25-5.12: Fare enforcement officers.

27:25-5.13: Immunity of fare enforcement officers.

27:25-5.14: Rules, regulations.

27:25-5.15: Complaint, proceedings; jurisdiction.

27:25-5.16: Violation of act; penalty; distribution.

27:25-5.17: Rail passes not affected.

27:25-5.18: Use of wireless telephone, electronic communication devices by operator of public transportation service prohibited; exceptions.

27:25-5.19: Provision of proof of travel for certain veterans.

27:25-5.20: Findings, declarations relative to operation of trains.

27:25-5.21: Person with suspended driver's license prohibited from operating a train.

27:25-5.22: New Jersey Transit required to take action, adopt policies relative to persons injured, killed in incidents involving their vehicles.

27:25-5.23: Office of real estate economic development and transit-oriented development established in NJT.

27:25-6: Contracts with public or private entity

27:25-7: Motorbus charter service; continuation of school bus services

27:25-8: Corporation not public utility, authority relative to fares, services; notice, public hearing.

27:25-9: Proceedings for decrease in service; contract payments as available revenue

27:25-10: Purchase and improvement of capital equipment and facilities

27:25-11: Purchases, contractors or agreements; award; advertisement for bids; exemptions; bid bond; qualification of bidders.

27:25-12: Affirmative action programs.

27:25-13: Power of acquisition by purchase, condemnation, lease, gift or otherwise; exercise of power of condemnation

27:25-14: Employer-employee relations

27:25-15: Officers, employees and professional consultants; powers and duties of corporation

27:25-15.1: New Jersey Transit Police Department; duties, appointments, training

27:25-15.1a: Participation in Police and Firemen's Retirement System.

27:25-15.1b: Liability to New Jersey Transit for training; terms defined.

27:25-15.1c: Applicability of "45-day" rule for violation of internal rules to NJ Transit police officers.

27:25-15.2: Executive Director of New Jersey Transit; duties

27:25-16: Taxes and assessments; exemption; in lieu payments; leases for private use

27:25-17: Liability for expenses of corporation

27:25-18: Exemptions from claims of creditors and levy, execution or attachment

27:25-19: Applicability of Contractual Liability Act

27:25-20: Annual reports; public records; inspection; annual audit; examination of accounts and books by State Auditor.

27:25-21: Purchases in name of commuter operating agency, its predecessors or commissioner of transportation to be property of corporation

27:25-22: Liberal construction

27:25-23: Severability

27:25-24: Reference to commuter operating agency to mean and refer to New Jersey transit corporation

27:25-25: Short title

27:25-26: Legislative findings and declarations

27:25-27: Definitions

27:25-28: Senior citizen and disabled resident transportation assistance program; purposes.

27:25-29: Program guidelines; hearings; report

27:25-30: Assistance; county plan

27:25-31: Allocation of moneys.

27:25-32: Rules and regulations; assistance by other governmental units; public hearings; notice; access

27:25-33: Audit

27:25-34: Study; insurance pool for transit vehicles; report