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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 23 - Transportation projects.

27:23-1: Transportation projects.

27:23-2: Credit of State not pledged.

27:23-3: New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

27:23-3.2: Reports, Capital Project and Investment Plan.

27:23-3.3: Inclusion of projects in Capital Project and Investment Plan.

27:23-3.4: Guarantee to NJTA for maintenance of bridge by county not required for approval for construction of pedestrian bridge.

27:23-4: Definitions.

27:23-5: General grant of powers.

27:23-5.2: Authorization relative to feeder road.

27:23-5.3: May take over existing roads, procedure

27:23-5.4: Powers relative to feeder road constructed over new alignment.

27:23-5.6: Return of certain roads to local authorities.

27:23-5.6a: Projects turned over to DOT.

27:23-5.8: Additional powers.

27:23-5.9: Limitations relative to a transportation project.

27:23-5.10: Proposed tolls; hearing.

27:23-5.11: Notice of hearings

27:23-6: Incidental powers.

27:23-6.1: Standing operating rules, procedures for entering into contracts by Turnpike Authority.

27:23-6.2: Registration of towing operators with New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

27:23-6.3: Partial payments to roadway contractors.

27:23-6.4: Existing covenants, agreements, contracts unaffected.

27:23-7: Bonds.

27:23-7a: New Jersey Turnpike Authority to protect bondholders.

27:23-7.1: Notes

27:23-8: Trust agreement.

27:23-9: Revenues.

27:23-10: Trust funds

27:23-11: Remedies

27:23-12: Exemption from taxation.

27:23-13: Bonds eligible for investment

27:23-14: Miscellaneous.

27:23-14.1: Use of reclaimed asphalt pavement by New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

27:23-15: Refunding bonds.

27:23-16: Projects part of State highway system.

27:23-17: Preliminary expenses.

27:23-18: Additional, alternative methods.

27:23-19: Act liberally construed

27:23-20: Severability

27:23-21: Inconsistent laws inapplicable

27:23-22: Short title

27:23-23: Turnpike project authorized; combining projects; Legislature must designate direction; consent of Highway Commissioner

27:23-23a: Findings, declarations

27:23-23.1: Project addition authorized

27:23-23.2: Project addition authorized

27:23-23.3: Toms River extension

27:23-23.4: Approval of governor

27:23-23.5: Environmental impact statement

27:23-23.6: Turnpike interchange authorized

27:23-23.7: New Jersey Turnpike Authority authorized to acquire portion of Interstate Highway 95

27:23-23.8: Route 92 Freeway extension

27:23-24: State Highway Department's jurisdiction over route to cease

27:23-24a: Department of Transportation control over I-95 Extension to cease

27:23-24.1: Repeal

27:23-24.2: Partial invalidity; severability

27:23-25: Toll, payment required.

27:23-26: Operation of vehicles on highway project.

27:23-27: Speed of vehicles on highway project.

27:23-28: Traffic control; signal.

27:23-29: Compliance with regulations.

27:23-30: Stopping in case of accident; report

27:23-31: Prohibitions relative to items transported.

27:23-32: Violation constituting violation of law or ordinance if committed in municipality

27:23-33: Violation resulting in injury or death or property damage over $5000 a high misdemeanor

27:23-34: Penalties; enforcement.

27:23-34.1: Definitions relative to toll collection monitoring.

27:23-34.2: Toll collection monitoring system regulations; violations, penalties.

27:23-34.3: Violations of toll collection monitoring system regulations; penalties.

27:23-34.4: Enforcement power of authority not limited, exception

27:23-34.5: Power of authority over tolls unchanged

27:23-34.6: Report of loss, theft of electronic vehicle identification system transponder; limited liability.

27:23-36: Partial invalidity

27:23-37: Regulations of counties or municipalities inapplicable to vehicles upon turnpike project

27:23-38: Suspension or revocation of registration and license certificates for violations; nonresidents

27:23-39: Requirements of Title 39; applicability

27:23-40: Tolls; exemptions.

27:23-41: Findings, declarations relative to transfer of functions of New Jersey Highway Authority to New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

27:23-42: Powers, rights, duties conferred as of transfer date.

27:23-43: Authorization relative to existing projects, facilities of the Highway Authority.

27:23-44: Local funding for non-highway transportation projects.

27:23-45: Acquisition of certain roadside areas adjoining highway projects.

27:23-46: Conveyance of certain park, recreational areas, facilities to DEP.

27:23-47: Maintenance of Vietnam Veterans' Memorial.

27:23-48: New Jersey Turnpike Authority, sale of "Jersey Fresh," "Made With Jersey Fresh" products at certain service areas.

27:23-49: Equipment provided by New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

27:23-50: Certain roadway markings prohibited on roads under jurisdiction of NJ Turnpike Authority; rules, regulations.

27:23-51: Definitions relative to the Helmets to Hardhats pilot program.

27:23-52: Helmets to Hardhats pilot program.

27:23-53: Conduct of pilot program.

27:23-54: Evaluation of pilot program, report to Governor, Legislature.

27:23-55: Definitions.

27:23-56: Establishment of sponsorship program.

27:23-57: Rules or regulations.

27:23-58: Public telephone, free drinking water unnecessary for participation in service sign program along NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway.

27:23-59: Use of native vegetation by New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

27:23-60: Program established by New Jersey Turnpike Authority.