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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 25A -

27:25A-1: Short title

27:25A-2: Findings, declarations

27:25A-3: Definitions

27:25A-4: "South Jersey Transportation Authority" established

27:25A-5: Membership of the authority

27:25A-6: Transfer of powers to authority

27:25A-7: Powers of authority

27:25A-7.1: Route 42 to remain toll-free

27:25A-8: Purchases, contracts, agreements awarded directly by authority; public bids; exceptions.

27:25A-8.1: Registration of towing operators with South Jersey Transportation Authority.

27:25A-9: "Airport division" to be established

27:25A-10: Powers of authority relative to public highways

27:25A-11: Maintenance of completed projects

27:25A-11.1: Use of reclaimed asphalt pavement by South Jersey Transportation Authority.

27:25A-12: Power of eminent domain

27:25A-13: Authority bonds, notes

27:25A-14: Actions of authority require prior approval of State

27:25A-15: Powers of authority to secure payment of bonds, notes

27:25A-16: Pledges of authority revenues valid, binding

27:25A-17: Members of authority not liable on bonds, notes

27:25A-18: Authority may purchase bonds, notes out of available funds

27:25A-19: Authority may collect charges for use of each project

27:25A-20: Authority may increase tolls, fares or charges; hearings

27:25A-21: Traffic regulations; violations, penalties

27:25A-21.1: Definitions relative to toll collection monitoring.

27:25A-21.2: Toll collection monitoring system regulations.

27:25A-21.3: Violations of toll collection monitoring system regulations; penalties.

27:25A-21.4: Enforcement power of authority not limited; exception

27:25A-21.5: Power of authority over tolls unchanged

27:25A-21.6: Report of loss, theft of electronic vehicle identification system transponder; limited liability.

27:25A-22: Provisions of plan for motorbus services

27:25A-23: Authority to own, operate "Atlantic City Expressway" project

27:25A-24: "Atlantic City International Airport" project established

27:25A-25: Authority to own, operate transportation, parking facilities

27:25A-26: Authority may make regulations in connection with utility works on projects

27:25A-27: Consent necessary for takeover of existing public highway as feeder road

27:25A-28: Real property may be conveyed to authority by government entity

27:25A-29: County, municipality may cooperate with authority in projects

27:25A-30: Amount of departmental costs, expenses certified to authority

27:25A-31: Authority property exempt from execution

27:25A-32: Authority projects declared public property; exemption from State taxes

27:25A-33: Authority deposits, banking transactions

27:25A-34: Investment in authority bonds, notes permitted

27:25A-35: Submission of reports by authority

27:25A-36: Financial, management audits

27:25A-37: Conflicts of interest, penalty

27:25A-38: Regulations for outdoor advertising on Atlantic City Expressway

27:25A-39: State may require authority to redeem, pay bonds or notes

27:25A-40: Powers limited against State property

27:25A-41: Authority may enter lands, waters, premises

27:25A-42: State not to limit, alter rights or powers vested in authority

27:25A-43: South Jersey Transportation Authority, sales of "Jersey Fresh," "Made With Jersey Fresh" products at service areas along the Atlantic City Expressway.

27:25A-44: Equipment provided by South Jersey Transportation Authority.

27:25A-45: Certain roadway markings prohibited on roads under jurisdiction of South Jersey Transportation Authority; rules, regulations.

27:25A-46: Definitions.

27:25A-47: Establishment of sponsorship program.

27:25A-48: Rules or regulations.

27:25A-49: Public telephone, free drinking water unnecessary for participation in sign program along Atlantic City Expressway.

27:25A-50: Use of native vegetation by South Jersey Transportation Authority.

27:25A-51: Program established by South Jersey Transportation Authority.