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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 5 -

27:5-5: Short title

27:5-6: Findings, declarations

27:5-7: Definitions

27:5-8: License, permit required; public hearing.

27:5-9: Requirements for a permit

27:5-9.1: Billboard, outdoor advertising sign; subject to regulation.

27:5-10: Signs prohibited in right-of-way of Interstate and Primary Systems

27:5-11: Exceptions for certain roadside signs.

27:5-12: Exceptions for certain other signs or devices

27:5-13: Licenses or permits; application, revocation

27:5-14: Licenses or permits; renewals

27:5-15: Violations of act; notice; removal

27:5-16: Penalties

27:5-17: Enforcement by commissioner

27:5-18: Rules and regulations

27:5-19: Fees, penalties for administration of act; fees in addition to other excises.

27:5-20: State, federal agreements

27:5-21: Acquisition of property by the State

27:5-22: Safety rest areas, informational sites

27:5-23: Duty of law enforcement

27:5-24: Effect of existing rules, regulations

27:5-25: Effect on existing signs

27:5-26: Effect on local ordinances or regulations

27:5-27: Authorized amount of outdoor advertising space; "State entity" defined.

27:5-28: Disclosure statement required for outdoor advertising businesses.

27:5-29: Memorial sign program.

27:5-30: Installation of sign.

27:5-31: Funding for signs.

27:5-32: Rules, regulations.