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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 5F - Medical aid

27:5F-13.1: Medical aid

27:5F-18: Short title

27:5F-19: Findings, determinations

27:5F-20: Definitions.

27:5F-21: Coordination by Governor.

27:5F-22: Training programs

27:5F-23: Qualification for federal funds.

27:5F-24: Grants to Treasury Department.

27:5F-25: Portion to political subdivisions

27:5F-26: Emergency medical service programs.

27:5F-27: Certification

27:5F-28: Allocation of federal funds

27:5F-29: Office of Highway Traffic Safety.

27:5F-30: Ban on first aid squad restrictions

27:5F-31: Advisory council

27:5F-32: Governor's representative

27:5F-33: Report to Legislature

27:5F-34: Entities abolished

27:5F-35: Transfer of office

27:5F-36: Motorcycle safety education program.

27:5F-37: Instructors, certification.

27:5F-39: Motorcycle Safety Education Fund.

27:5F-40: Rules, regulations.

27:5F-41: Development of curriculum guidelines for safe operation of motor vehicles.

27:5F-42: "Graduated Driver License Fund."

27:5F-43: Recommendations with respect to rules, regulations.