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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 1A -

27:1A-1: Short title

27:1A-2: Establishment of department

27:1A-2.1: "David J. Goldberg Transportation Building" designated

27:1A-3: Transfer of functions, powers and duties from existing departments

27:1A-4: Commissioner; appointment; term; salary

27:1A-5: Additional functions, powers, duties of commissioner.

27:1A-5.1: Rail freight authority

27:1A-5.2: Indemnification of public contractors

27:1A-5.3: Time limitation

27:1A-5.4: Rules, regulations

27:1A-5.5: Transportation Department responsibility

27:1A-5.6: Department authorized to acquire lands, improvements for airport purposes

27:1A-5.7: Findings, determinations

27:1A-5.8: Urban transportation supplement to the State Transportation Plan

27:1A-5.9: Transportation needs and recommendations

27:1A-5.10: Consultation with other agencies

27:1A-5.11: Supplement as added to other plans and law requirements

27:1A-5.12: Completion of supplement, updates

27:1A-5.13: Powers of commissioner concerning park-and-ride facilities

27:1A-5.14: Defense, indemnification of owner, operator

27:1A-5.15: Inventory of certain State-owned properties, preparation

27:1A-5.16: Blue Star Memorial Highway Council.

27:1A-5.17: Tolls not imposed on portions of Route 42 under jurisdiction of South Jersey Transportation Authority

27:1A-5.18: Property of Department of Transportation, storage, handling of radioactive-contaminated material prohibited; exceptions.

27:1A-5.19: Report of motor vehicle accidents involving cellular telephone use.

27:1A-5.20: Legal commuter transportation services; public awareness campaign established.

27:1A-5.21: Evaluation of campaign; report to Legislature.

27:1A-5.22: Annual Transportation Capital Program, information posted on DOT website.

27:1A-6: Organization of department; delegation of powers; absence, disability, death or resignation of commissioner

27:1A-7: Grants; application and acceptance; expenditure

27:1A-8: Assistant commissioners

27:1A-10: Assistants to assistant commissioner for engineering and operations; state highway engineer; deputy; chief engineers; appointment; qualifications; sal

27:1A-11: Termination of employment of personnel holding office on effective date of act

27:1A-12: Deputy commissioner; appointment; term of office; powers and duties; compensation

27:1A-13: Director of planning and research and deputy executive director; appointment; qualifications; salary; assistants

27:1A-14: Rights and protections of appointees holding positions in state classified service

27:1A-28: Repealer

27:1A-33: Transfer of functions, powers and duties of existing authorities to department of transportation

27:1A-34: Appropriations

27:1A-35: Transfer of employees to department of transportation

27:1A-36: Tenure rights, rights or protection under pension law or retirement system

27:1A-37: Transfer of files, books, papers, etc., to department of transportation

27:1A-38: Continuation of rules and regulations transferred to department of transportation

27:1A-39: Actions or proceedings pending on effective date of act

27:1A-40: Reports and certifications; filing

27:1A-41: Repealer

27:1A-42: Severability

27:1A-43: Legislative findings

27:1A-44: Director of the division of motor vehicles; powers and duties transferred

27:1A-45: Appropriations and other moneys transferred from division of motor vehicles to department of transportation

27:1A-46: Transfer of employees to department of transportation

27:1A-47: Tenure rights; rights under civil service law

27:1A-48: Files, books, papers, records, equipment and other property transferred to department of transportation

27:1A-49: Orders, rules and regulations; continuation

27:1A-50: Actions or proceedings pending on effective date of this act

27:1A-51: Reports, certifications, applications or requests relating to transferred powers or duties; filing with department of transportation

27:1A-52: Transfer of functions, powers and duties of division of taxation with respect to Outdoor Advertising Act to department of transportation

27:1A-53: Transfer of appropriations, grants and other moneys

27:1A-54: Transfer of employees

27:1A-55: Employment rights; effect of act

27:1A-56: Transfer of files, books, property, etc.

27:1A-57: Continuation of orders, rules and regulations

27:1A-58: Actions, proceedings, orders or recommendations pending on effective date of act

27:1A-59: Reports, certifications, applications or requests relating to transferred powers or duties; filing with department of transportation

27:1A-60: Reference to division of taxation or its director as reference to department of transportation or its commissioner

27:1A-61: Supersedure of inconsistent acts

27:1A-62: Transfer of functions, powers and duties of board of public utility commissioners with respect to railroad grade crossings and bridges to commissioner

27:1A-63: Method of transfer

27:1A-64: Findings, declarations

27:1A-65: Definitions

27:1A-66: Motorbus, rail passenger service for senior, handicapped citizens at all times; exceptions

27:1A-67: Procedures for establishment of program

27:1A-68: Rules and regulations

27:1A-69: Utilization of personnel, facilities and resources of other agencies of state

27:1A-70: Further reductions in fares by carrier or law

27:1A-71: Employees; advertisement of program

27:1A-72: Authorization for reduced rate for handicapped or senior citizens

27:1A-73: Free transportation for travel attendant, guide

27:1A-74: Regulations

27:1A-75: Short title.

27:1A-76: Findings, declarations relative to maritime transportation.

27:1A-77: Definitions relative to maritime transportation.

27:1A-78: Office of Maritime Resources.

27:1A-79: "New Jersey Marine Transportation System Development" section of transportation plan.

27:1A-80: Additional powers of commissioner.

27:1A-81: Duties of commissioner.

27:1A-82: Dredged material processing; "Maritime Industry Fund."

27:1A-83: Purchases, contracts, agreements regulated.

27:1A-84: Purchases, contracts, agreements may be made without public advertisement, certain circumstances.

27:1A-85: Rules, regulations.